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did ulster take over half of ireland? cursed
Not quite what I ahd in mind. Lets just say there was a schism during the early days of the post-apocalypse. If you're interested about Ireland's situation Dublins got a bit of Berlin during the cold war situation going on as of the current iteration of this TL.
Nine Alternate Souths.png

Yes, I am still fascinated by the "X Countries" format and I've had various ideas of Confederate successor states floating in my head. I don't know if I'll get the drive to clean this up, create proper write-ups and flags for these states, and if I'd even keep all of them (looking at you, New Virginia and CAS!), but I wanted to at least share the idea.

Mostly because I think that "the CSA turns into Bosnia-Herzegovina" is at the very least a unique concept.

EDIT: I dediced to scrap New Virginia (I don't dislike the idea of a Confederados state in Brazil, just the execution here) and made some modifications in other aspects. The new version is above, the old version is in a spoiler below. Also Both the Magnolia Republic and the Piedmont Republic are/could very well be from the same "universe", which is kinda cheating, but I don't care.

Alternate Souths (New Afrika, Tidewater, Southron, Texas).png
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Hmm... Maybe make Jerusalem a World Capital District, and give it all of Israel and Palestine?
No, I'm thinking of making Geneva the world capital. My options are:
  1. One Jewish state and one Arab state (current)
  2. Two Jewish states and one Arab state
  3. Two or three mixed states
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Taking 10 million as an absolute limit, there will be at least three states in the remaining areas of England. If you don't want them too small, either, it won't be any more. Given that said remaining area matches nicely with three of England's regions, you could opt to just give each region a state, but Greater London is probably too small if city-states aren't allowed. I would suggest to tack on some surrounding counties as a fix here, but you could only add Berkshire or Buckinghamshire - not both - to Greater London without it going over 10 million. Neither of these make Greater London really large enough, and anyway they result in very strange borders. You're probably going to need to make another exception to the 10 million limit.
Theoretically, I guess you could partition Greater London between a state in Kent and Sussex (separate from the rest of the South East) and the East of England, but that would be really weird.