WIP Map Thread


Here's North China.
Why is there a pink blob in Northwest Kazakhstan?
I was going to tell you about that. Anyways, I'm not sure if I should detach it from Orenburg State and give it to another state. Aesthetically it would be best off in the westernKazakh state, but on ethnic grounds it belongs in the mostly-Russian northern Kazakh state, or just with Orenburg.

A WIP map for Clich-imerica, a map of North America mishmashed with mapping cliches as well as suggestions from 2(?) Discord servers. I am in the process of adding the native nations, but everything else is complete.
I decided to go for the cliches that affect states only, since going for major state-spanning cliches like New Afrika, the Confederacy, a Great Lakes Union, etc. have been overdone before. The more obvious cliches here include an independent Alaska and Hawaii, the United States owning 54'40, Baja, and Sonora, a unified Carolina and Dakota, a larger Texas, and (as a common in-joke) Wyoming being unexistent.

Canada does not have much cliches here, so I went back in time to find suitable border arrangements, resulting in Assiniboia. The only major cliche with Canada is an independent Quebec.

The rest were suggestions from the r/ImaginaryMaps Discord server by a variety of people.

A WIP map of my America inspired hard fantasy world. I started with the predominantly Elven/Beastfolk (basically what the races are, I won't lie to you) midwest. I'm planning on going state by state, maybe making an almanac/election map series.