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Might actually be a good idea to go back and update all of the diamond maps, given how good they were for 2005-8. Did anyone ever make a comprehensive archive for them similar to that one someone did for Bruce's?

I have a fair number of them saved. I'll make a thread for them.
I admit I haven't been as active on the site as of late, so I haven't been keeping up with that. I'll try to get that list back up to date.
I mean, it's not really like the thread has been moving all that much, so from what i remember there shouldn't be too many maps in there. At least, not as many as there were in map thread 5 or 6.

A draft map that I am preparing for the next chapter of my chronology.

Behold, my newest project: the United States of the World. Sort of a reboot of the World America project I worked on a while back (yes I borrowed a lot of borders). Currently done the 205 states and 3 territories of the New World.
Like that America and subsaharan Africa
But these subdivisios on Sahara and Australia... they scares me...
And that landlocked Kongo, what is it?

Basically I made (almost) every pixel of river into a border. And created new borders elsewhere when necessary. This led to America and sub-Saharan Africa getting lots of non-straight line borders. Unfortunately deserts don't have many rivers in them and I went the easy way out with straight borders.

The landlocked Kongo is an independent native African state. Nice major rivers to make borders out of but not much in the way of giving it to Europeans sensibly.

A work in Progress, and if possible I would like to get some feedback on disposition of the geopolitics. However some notes

Chronology: It's broken... This is JUST after Cherdenko and Krukov mess with time. No Einstein past 1927. Although dates are hard to come by 1973 seems like a good enough date.

Hyper-idealogical Conflicts: The Allied Nations are driven by fear of Soviet Agression, and capitalism. A fictional 'Hearst Presidency' in the 1920s pushes Dollar Diplomacy into overdrive and a departure of the Soviets from the League of Nations precipitates America's joining, and thus of the "Allied Nations" creates a military and economic bloc of nations. With America's economy, Western Europe's colonies, the Allied Nations are the "Arsenal of Democracy and Capitalism". The Soviets are similar about Socialism and Order, the conflict is incredibly polarized and without nukes... well... Cherdenko's rise as a hardliner was feared by the West as World War III would be a conventional military conflict.

Japan Super Tech: Yeah I can't figure out a way to explain RA3's Japanese Tech. Its there... but <shrug>... They must have their own Einstein Super-Genius that created a lot of their robotics and THIS person got the patronage of Yashito and Tatsu. Japan's counterintelligence operation must have been superb to disguise the military buildup and logistics and training exercises to become the "third world power" in secret

So... why all the surprise attacks: Look... RA3's framing device is JUST as the Soviets launched a massive invasion of Europe, Japan did the same thing. This... realistically couldn't happen. How do I explain it? Japan didn't just have an Ackerman android... they also had one for Cherdenko. Japan was controlling both nations. They didn't predict that a different universe Cherdenko would replace the one of their timeline. A living breathing Cherdenko replaced a robot. Their masterstroke to unify the world came undone before the game even began

Red Alert 2 is where?: Erased by Cherdenko... I dated the conflict to late '69 to early '71. Some of the events of the game still occur but... Romanov falls from power due to a Japanese android Cherdenko, bypassing most of the conflict. Yuri is still around but was sidelined by Cherdenko loyalists. Captured by Japanese android soldiers he was killed and spliced... creating Japan's own psychic soldier program, Yuriko. Zofia ascended ranks in the KGB and is likely Dasha's boss, and was highly suspicious of Cherdenko. She spent most of RA3 (through Dasha) figuring out what the heck happened with Cherdenko and why he FINALLY was treating Japan like the threat it was. Dugin was President from until 1972 when the Hardliner Ackerman got into office.

The Commanders: Allied Red Alert 1's commander is probably retired out in the Western USA, let's say California. Allied Red Alert 2's commander, was working at the Pentagon under General Carville, and is taking a job at FutureTech... He married Colonel Eva Lee soon after he resigned his commission. Red Alert 2's Tanya took a job at SOCOM and passed on the agent codename 'Tanya' to her successor. Soviet Red Alert 2's Commander is a leading General in the USSR, but sidelined by Cherdenko off serving in Central Asia. They were utilized more as the War went on but was a rival of Krukov.

So... RA3's Ending?: Honestly from this map... it's going to be a slug out between the Allies and Soviets. Japan's mission order makes no sense (Vladivostock to Volgograd, to Odessa?) maybe widespread use of Shogun Executioners could help but... Japan has a near impossible path to victory. I'm inclined to think Allies win mostly because Krukov and Cherdenko have to adjust to the new timeline and getting caught up. Zelensky... well Futuretech offers him a job.
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I've got two queries.
Firstly, does this look like a good ethnic division of Inner Mongolia between Mongols and Han Chinese?
inner mongolia.png

Secondly, should I remove the pink region from Orenburg Oblast
@Gokbay well I have no problem with straight borders in deserts (there are plenty of them OTL), but why would somenone made a seoarate province or what is it, from the central australian desert?
@Prometheus_2300 I cant say much, knowing just little about RA-verse, but that map looks good! I am just not sure about neutrality of most of south Asia ...
@Gokbay well I have no problem with straight borders in deserts (there are plenty of them OTL), but why would somenone made a seoarate province or what is it, from the central australian desert?

Well that is more of a territory/colony rather than an US State kind of thing.