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I was apprehensive about posting an update without anybody else replying first, but it's been a few days.

The massive Newfoundland is inspired by the 2016-2017 TL The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies, and Canada's alternate prairie provinces are based on an OTL plan by Sir Rodmond Roblin, Premier of Manitoba from 1900 to 1915.
Im in the process of making a "New York State in Crusader Kings"-esque mod in my free time(I have no real goal here). As part of defining the boundaries of NYS I ended up making wasteland provinces for each state, resulting in this:
Further progress (ignore the brown and blue immediately east of Poland):
Berlin-Rome-Athens Axis WIP.png

The Nazis still are Nazis, make no mistake. A major difference however is that their tactics on Poland is more assimilatory than genocidal. As a result, a Polish autonomy that de facto functions as a puppet state exists. The capital is Lublin as both Warsaw/Warschau and Krakow/Krakau are too close to the border. Note that Wloclawek and Bialystok are part of Poland instead of Germany here.
Yes, Nancy/Nanzig is annexed to Germany proper. As a result, the French speaking area is reorganized as Gau Sudmoselland.
The Netherlands were seen as highly unreliable by Germany. Therefore its southern territories (Zeelandic Flanders and two thirds of Limburg) are added to Reichskommissariat Belgium and Calais-Lille, otherwise known as Belgium.
Croatia and Slavonia are still part of Yugoslavia, but any semblance of autonomy has been stripped away.

2040s Russia succumbs to Sterligovite agrarian fascism and sells off Siberia to the highest bidders, transporting all ethnic Russians not deemed irredeemably ungodly west of the Urals and trying its damnedest to bring back the concept of a peasantry. Forty years and the violent secession of the south by EU-backed progressives later, and the Holy Russian State seems already to be near its end. While Brussels hopes in vain that the collapse will be quick and painless, neo-Maoist rebellion (not yet pictured) that has already crossed the border into the EU's own Siberian Trust Territory promises to make this a messy new chapter in Russian and world history.

(really this is all just an excuse to do my own take on Big China™)
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Further progress (yes, it still is ASB since Italy and Greece are under the influence of the Gods of Classical Mythology):
Berlin-Rome-Athens-Madrid Axis WIP.png

Some things don't change. In this case, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Sweden are largely as OTL. Ireland is an Allied-aligned neutral.
Spain is part of the Axis ITTL due to its demands being fulfillable with Olympian-influenced Italian and Greek assistance. The map shows their furthest extent of their invasion of Portugal. Porto has fallen, while Lisbon, despite the sieges, never fell to Spanish troops. Also of note is that Cape Verde is integrated to metropolitan Portugal.
Ostland and Ukraine are significantly larger than OTL. In Ostland, a larger Estonia achieved self-rule, while Grodno is considered to be part of Podlachia District by Polish authorities. Note again that here the Nazi views on Poland is assimilatory, not genocidal as in OTL, therefore creating a Polish autonomy in Germany proper.
Both the First and Second Vienna Awards allocated a smaller portion of territory to Hungary, therefore leaving Kosice/Kassa with the Slovaks. Meanwhile the Second Vienna Award created the German Banat State.
Vichy France is known as Limoges France ITTL, while Switzerland is a protectorate of Germany and Italy. The Italians annexed everything east of the Rhone. Smaller portions were annexed by Germany, Belgium, and Spain. Some of the annexations would prove to be permanent.
Norway is less of a puppet state here, with the Quisling regime holding actual power. Oslo still is very much in line with the European Axis, however.
Working on a cover of the GURPS Infinite Worlds setting "Bismarck-3," which was featured in the last issue of Pyramid Magazine and imo is one of the more, I guess, restrained Infinite Worlds settings (as far as history goes, anyway; there's apparently a lot more Pulp Adventure potential in Africa and Asia than IOTL). Diverging with a North German defeat in the Austro-Prussian War, this world features (per the article) a substantially stronger Bonapartist France, a similarly un-humiliated Russia (no Russo-Japanese War ITTL), and Britain deciding to take Rhodes instead of Cyprus in 1878 as a consequence of the stronger French presence in Egypt even at the time.

The elements I've added to/extrapolated from the setting are the greater British interest in Central Africa, Napoleon III's Kingdom of the Arabs, a very non-Westphalian Korea begrudgingly shared by Russia and Japan, and a different Spanish-American War that ends with Cuba's and the Philippines' statuses switched from OTL.
I was apprehensive about posting an update without anybody else replying first, but it's been a few days.
The massive Newfoundland is inspired by the 2016-2017 TL The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies, and Canada's alternate prairie provinces are based on an OTL plan by Sir Rodmond Roblin, Premier of Manitoba from 1900 to 1915.

Oh I like this. I like the concepts and, I hope I don't sound too passive aggressive here, I even like the stuff which is very similar to some stuff I used myself in maps of mine (e.g. the thin North German colony in the modern Ivory Coast, which I e.g. had in The Southern March of Providence, or the Austria from the same map with just some minor tweaks).

And again, before there's a massive discussion about plagiarism, I'm 100 percent okay with this and I'm putting my foot in the door saying that WorldA as a format lives of people remixing old concepts and lifting stuff, so yeah.

Currently working on something inspired by watching too many god-awful kids movies. If anyone can guess what this is based on, I'll send you my left kidney.
JPEG'd snippet of my work-in-progress ATL map, picked it back up after taking a break for a while.
Great style! My only advice would be to perhaps make the sea less colorful. It looks like you're using an older style for your map, older maps oftentimes only used very little or no ink to color water, as ink is expensive and pretty much unnecessary. Perhaps a ripple-like effect like on this map would look pretty cool on your map too.

It looks great overall!

Hi, well, I'm making a diagram of the Solar System (yes, one more of these, I know) showing all the worlds considered planets under the geophysical definition, and I wanted to show the little I did so far and wanted to ask you guys about three things: do you guys think the scale of the bodies I'm using is adequate? What information will be useful to include in the worlds descriptions in addition to what I have provided? And, any tips to make the planets' textures in pixel art less "lifeless"?