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The New Era WIP Progress:
The New Era Manchuria.png

The countries of Inner and Outer Manchuria:
Free City of Dairen (大連自由市, Japanese occupation -> RSFSR exclave -> independence)
- Plurality Chinese, significant minority Russian
State of Manchuria (滿州國, Japanese puppet kingdom -> USSR member republic, de-Sinification -> independence)
- Majority Manchu/Manchurianized Chinese, minority Chinese and Russian
Zeleny Klyn People's Republic (綠烏克蘭人民共和國, annexation of Heilongjiang -> Ukrainization -> deportation of Kuban and Don Ukrainians -> USSR member republic -> Mongolian annexation of Manzhouli -> independence)
- Majority Ukrainian, minority Manchu/Manchurianized Chinese and Russian
Republic of Hokkaido (北海道共和國, Soviet occupation zone -> Soviet puppet -> independence)
- Majority Japanese, minority Ainu

Kando is Korean, but I'm not sure whether it will be the DPRK or a reunified democratic Korea.
To label colonies or not to label?

Depends on what your final purpose is.
Is it just a map of British colonies or is there a greater design? Maybe adding other countries colonies?

Personally, I would go for numbers referring to an off map key so the map is less crowded but as I say it depends on your final purpose

Good Map BTW
Further progress, with a nearly complete China.
The New Era China WIP.png

New inclusions:
Chinese People's Union 中華人民聯邦 (Capital: Xiangyang, Jingzhou 荊州 襄陽) (Articles of Affiliation -> Sino Soviet split -> Cultural Revolution -> Socialist State with Cuban influences)
Democratic Republic of Shanxi 山西民主共和國 (Capital: Taiyuan 太原) (Articles of Affiliation -> Sino Soviet split ->Soviet-backed Secession of Shanxi and Suiyuan -> Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) observer)
Grand Duchy of New Ming 新明大公國 (Capital: Kunming 昆明) (British influenced sector -> Monarchist Restoration via descendants of the Hongwu Emperor -> Commonwealth member)
Uyghur Republic/Uyghurstan Уйғур Җумһурийити/Уйғурстан (維吾爾共和國/維吾爾斯坦) (Capital: Aqsu Ақсу (阿克蘇)) (Russian annexation of East Turkestan -> USSR member state -> independence, CIS and Turkic Council member)
Beijiang Republic 北疆共和國 (Capital: Tihwa 迪化) (Russian annexation of East Turkestan -> Chinese ASSR under the Kazakh SSR -> deportation of non-Manchurian Chinese citizens of the USSR to the CASSR -> upgrade of status to Beijiang Chinese Soviet Socialist Republic -> independence, CIS member -> withdrawal from CIS over Russian aggression in Georgia)

I will do Tibet next, then the rest of East Asia.

Also, in this timeline, the United Nations Security Council only has three members: the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union. France was marred by the legitimacy of the Vichy regime, while China throughout the 1930s and early 1940s was ruled by warlords, with no effective central government. China only coalesced into several governments later in the 1940s - the Nanchang government backed by Washington (Chinese Union State), the Kunming government backed by London, and the Peking union government backed by Moscow.
A neutral zone was established in Wuchang, Ezhou, Huangshi (Hwangshih), Xianning (Sienning), and Linxiang (Linsiang). This eventually formed the Free State of Kingnan in the 1960s, and has since been the point of contact between the Maoist north, the neofascist southeast, and the monarchist southwest.
After the Sino-Soviet split, the Soviets backed a seccessionist movement based on Jin/Shanxi nationalism, resulting in an independent Shanxi. This resulted in the Communist Chinese government to move south to Xiangyang. The Kunming government had a monarchist restoration, restoring the Ming Dynasty through an exiled branch of the Hongwu Emperor's descendants in Guizhou (according to most, this branch is the direct descendants of the Chongzhen Emperor through his fourth son).
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