WIP Map Thread

Half-life WorldA.png

ngl, I forgot that this existed, also that's not a mega pomerania, that's a mega Saxony, the lime green is annoying when you stare at it for a while. Also hmm
The last project I posted here didn't really pan out very well so here's another one. This comes from a timeline where Christianity never came to overshadow Paganism, there are other differences as well but they aren't very important for this map in particular. The map depicts a reformed Roman Republic where the emphasis is co-rule by Christians and Pagans with religious instutions of both being included in government and some offices being reserved for Pagans or Christians. What each Office is supposed to do is going to be explained in the text that's gonna go next to the map and the graphic. There's also a lil flag.


I'm open to criticism as always!


This can be called "in progress" only to the extent that I've just begun. It's supposed to a "an actually really realistic Planetos". Because for all his supposed realism, Martin's world-building is shit and his continents make no sense. The part up there in the middle is a sketch for a revised Westeros, keeping its general shape, but re-orienting some things to make it all a bit more logical. The other continents are, at this point, but the very roughest of outlines. But at least the positioning makes sense: I've actually worked out all the tectonic plates, and the ways they inter-act.

As you can see, there are six major contiguous land-masses -- which most people in-universe would probably describe as nine continents -- but there are actually thirteen tectonic plates. And the ridiculous way Westeros looks is explained by the fact that it's actually made up out of two small tectonic plates, wedged in between the area North of the Wall (actually an outcropping of one of the two Arctic plates) and Dorne (actually a promontory of the Sothoryos plate). Westeros and Essos used to be united, but the other Arctic plate pushing South while the Sothoryos plate pushes North has wedged the two apart -- creating the Narrow Sea. (Oh, and the Valyrio-Ghiscari plate is also a separate thing, being pushed into the Essosi plate by the Sothoryos plate's Northward drift. The fact that the small Valyrio-Ghiscari plate is wedged between two larger plates has resulted in some serious volcanism. The destruction of Valyria involved the eruption of a Yellowstone-like supervolcano.

Anyway, this obviously still needs endless amounts of work, but it's a start.