WIP Map Thread

Something something US, French, Russian, Prussian bloc vs Britain, Germany, Japan, and the Ottomans
I looked at the colour of Australia and for a sec I thought it was owned by the Two Sicilies. The idea of an Italian Australia would be great now that I think about it.

Here's my wip of a 4 (the post anglo-war will make it 3) way cold war, between the HRE, Nanjing Pact (Democrats and Commies), and for now, Commonwealth and the Amerosphere, with the Brazilians and Turks being major neutrals
Trying to make Austria big and I think it's going well so far.
Hiya, How did Corsica become Habsburg?
They had held Sardinia and, of course the Two Sicilies but Corsica......
Also, how about Tuscany, Modena & Parma, held by lesser branches of the family?
The title remains the same, the world is now radically different.


God knows how long this will all take to finish, but I'm very pleased with how it's all gone so far.

Part of a massive map here, hopefully I can finish it on Christmas exactly. For some it should be obvious what I'm doing here :p

Admittedly it will be a shorter write up than my last two maps; it's a cover after all.
Roma sucks


This was a little fan doodle of Bring The War Home, a HOI4 mod with a POD in 1948, a nuclear Korean War, and a super fucked up 60s. The mod is still very much in development but it's a cool concept that I enjoy exploring.

I figured this would be around 1975 (game start in '69), after the Denver regime has gone to shit.