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Since the website is having difficulty uploading a standard sized map, I've uploaded a section of the map for your approval.

The map is set in 1960. Here's a couple of things to set the stage:

  • The PoD is that Dr. Carl Weiss, the alleged assassin of Huey Long, has to make an emergency house call, and thus can't make it to the capitol building in Baton Rouge. Long continues to rise in popularity, mounts a third party run in 1936 to derail FDR, and then is elected as president in 1940 as a Democrat. He serves three terms as president, and succeeds in passing most aspects of his Share Our Wealth agenda. Long also maintains a largely isolationist policy, outside of normalizing relations with Japan and its satellite states.
  • Results on the continent are largely the same, with Germany invading Poland and initiating World War II. Some early missteps lead to the BEF being utterly annihilated in France, forcing Britain seek for peace. Most of Germany's colonies are returned and put under the administration of the SS. More on that later.
  • Germany's war against the Soviet Union is far more successful, with Hitler being able to devote more resources. Hitler's outreach extends to the Ural Mountains as a rump USSR is squeezed between the Nazis and Japanese. However, the Third Reich does not last long after Hitler's death in the mid-fifties due to a civil war caused by the power vacuum. The largely conservative/reactionary military forces succeed in defeating the SS, which is forced to retreat to their last remaining stronghold: German Southwest Africa. The resulting state Neu Deutschland remains as a Nazi, North Korea-esque successor state. Not the nicest place in the world.
  • The reactionary junta ruling Germany retreats to Germany-proper with successor states in Poland the Netherlands, Baltics, Russia, and Ukraine struggle to reestablish themselves, with most of them being effective dictatorships.
  • Most of Europe is ruled either by outright Fascists (Italy, Croatia, Romania) or reactionaries (Spain, France, Germany), with few democracies still being in place (Scandinavia, England, Scotland, Ireland).
  • The end of the war between Britain and Germany gives incentive to anti-colonialist movements, resulting in a far quicker, uglier decline of the British Empire. At the low point, England ends the monarchy and Scotland secedes. The white dominions are all republics.
  • During the 1930's, Japan shifts its focus from the Pacific to Russia and Northern China. Japan invades the Soviet Union shortly after Hitler does, accelerating the USSR's decline. Japan is the premier power in Asia, ruling over an effective Pax Iaponica.
  • China is divided between the Reorganized Republic of China (North China) and the Republic of China (South China). Both are effective military dictatorships, with the North having a far more glittering facade of prosperity due to greater Japanese "investment."
  • The Philippines are independent, thanks to the efforts of President Long.
  • The rapid decline of the British Empire leads to the creation of a Jewish state thanks to increased activity from Irgun and others. The regime is more authoritarian than OTL, being more paranoid concerning the dual threats of Arab nationalism and Nazi fanaticism in Neu Deutschland.
  • White minority regimes are far more common in Africa. Portugal has integrated its colonies into the nation proper. South Africa is predominately Afrikaner, with anglophone Natal forming its own republic. The Federation of Rhodesia (not shown here) is still ruled by whites. Bechuanaland is an independent kingdom, though closely allied with white dominated nations.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
Well, I'm generally a believer in "bigger is better" when it comes to surviving Byzantium. But I have to admit no. 1 is more aesthetically pleasing than no. 3. What does the orange line around the straits signify?
A demilitarized zone, that's using the new Toast3r colour scheme. A post great war situation the Romans find themselves in similar to OTL Turkey. Thank you btw, I do tend to favour the first choice, might give the Res publica more Albanian clay.

I should point out that the themes have been completely disbanded, though the res publica is still defended by citizen-soldiers, the more classical system of prefectures has rerisen.
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Since the website is having difficulty uploading a standard sized map, I've uploaded a section of the map for your approval.

The map is set in 1960. Here's a couple of things to set the stage:
Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Here's a slight update, with some spitballing:

  • England is a federal republic, with regions serving as provinces.
  • The near obliteration of Baltic peoples has forced them to ally into a single nation referred to as the "Baltic Federation."
  • The two Russian "successor states" are the Russian Republic west of the Urals, and the Russian Empire to the east. Both are effective dictatorships.
  • Egypt is within Italy's sphere of influence, as well as Israel.
  • Shortly after the war, Germany and Italy parted ways a la the Sino-Soviet split. Given that WWII ended earlier, Germany was never able to exert the same level of influence over Italy, and thus can't extend their racial policies in Fascist Italy. Mussolini begins to harbor Jews, many of whom became ardent Fascists. While Israel is not Fascist, per se, it does have significant Italian influences.
  • Quasi-independent Newfoundland holds a referendum in the 1950's shortly after the founding of the Commonwealth as to either seek full independence or join the United States. They were admitted as the 49th state.
  • Quebec is a largely reactionary state based on the government of its continental mother. Again, while not fascist, it is still pretty authoritarian not too dissimilar to OTL Francoist Spain.


Another little thing I'm doing with my Hyboria map, snapshots from Howard's original timeline of the Hyborian Era! This one takes place about 5,000 years before the time of Conan, when state societies were only just emerging after the Cataclysm.

I'm currently deciding between two styles

This one- rivers overlaid over tribal areas

And no rivers for anyone!


Also whether or not to have solid borders for any of the tribal areas. Most of them use the dots to represent a level of intermingling (the Picts and Zhemri who will eventually become Zingarans), I was thinking that the solid line would represent a determined border over which only hostile relations will take place (ie the historical enmity between the Picts and Cimmerians).
No shade on you two, I just find it fun that ;CCW but the US' is sort of a new meme in the AH Map community. It kind of makes me wanna do an 'ACW but China'
I've also done an attempt on it. Wouldn't ACW but China basically be the Constitutional Protection War?
I'm not the best versed in Chinese History, especially 1880s-1949, but a quick perusal CPW follows the broad strokes of two rival gov't one in the North, one in the South. I personally want to make a more paralleled situation