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    Nearly done with this map. Questions and comments are very welcome.

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    1. It does, but I didn't color it in yet. And the Hispanic nations see Spain as more like their eldest sister, rather than as a homeland.
    2. Syria became united thanks to the efforts of a heroic figure. It really helped that they had Russian and German support, but neither tried to make the Arab lands colonies.
    3. Russia is super successful, and it made Turkey a puppet state. The Russians are actually looking to expand their navy and establish themselves abroad. Russification has been a bit more successful throughout it Empire. Russians have taken the Swedes place in Finland, linguistically and ethnically. It's actually becoming heavily industrial and urban thanks to reforms by the Emperors and Empresses of Russia, though it's and while not Democratic, it's people have lots of freedoms. It will actually become at one point the richest economy on the planet. Lots of terrorism in Turkey and Persia though, and with China on the rise, and Germany at its front door, Russia is surrounded by hostility.
    4. Germany is close to number 1. It has a strong alliance with Spain, and has a temporary alliance with Russia. Really, it depends on the part of the world we're talking about. German is a pretty widespread language though.
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    Nice, however... what is it? :D
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    Well, here's something from another work I have going. If anyone remembers Friedman's The Next Hundred Years, well this is the famed Turkish-Japanese Coalition from the book! This is my cover of that work, combined with some changes for style and plausibility. POD in the 1980s, and the map takes place in the 2050s.

    The European Theater is being taken out of my version, as I thought it didn't make much sense.

    From the book, the main opponents of the Coalition are India, China, Korea, England, and America, along with various other allies.

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    Oh my god, that cluster of overly small provinces in Dutch South China.
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    What's Wrong With You.png

    Normally, I'd say something like "all of this will make sense in context," but honestly, I don't think it will, since the whole point of this was to make something that would leave everyone who looked at it questioning my sanity. Thus, I give you a WIP for the scenario tentatively titled "What's Wrong With You?" (since that's almost certainly one of several questions that everyone's going to have after reading the full scenario), starring the Great Nebraska Sea, the Confederate States of America-in-exile, the United Kingdom of Catalonia-Euskadi-Switzerland, the Haudenosaunee Caliphate, Japanese Madagascar, Norse Korea, and Polish-Lithuanian Macau, brought to you by me listening to the Lemon Demon song "My Trains" on loop for the past several hours and contributions to your local depressed mapmakers by viewers like you.
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    I don't know why, but this seems like a result of various ISOTS. And I love it. Honestly, I wouldn't mind using a few for the next ISOT game.
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    Mar 19, 2015

    Two weeks and change later, I am finally done with Louisiana's 55 departments. Also, Florida is Lusophone now, picked up by Portugal at the end of TTL's War of the Quadruple (now Quintuple) Alliance.
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    Jun 29, 2018
    Progress marches on!

    Remember that this is a map produced from the in-universe American point-of-view, so it will not have the granularity and colorfulness that you might expect. Its job is to show the major alliances and flashpoints of the Great Asian War, as historians will remember this mid-21st century struggle.

    Now you may be wondering: how the fk do Turkey, Japan, and Buddies stand up to an alliance consisting of most of continental Asia and Europe, backed by America?

    Well there's a few things.

    1) Logistics: It's a lot easier to build a missile than a frigate. So if you've got spots already picked out on the main theaters of war (eg the Suez and the Molucca), then you get to sit around while the other guy rolls up ships to fight you.

    2) Decentralization: It's tough to run a truly massive state and get everyone on board with your foreign policy plans. Especially when the states are as corrupt as India and China, and many people are straight up in it for themselves. Anyways the point is that the large states aren't able to leverage their full potential.

    3) Free Riders: Most of Europe is pretty relaxed about the whole war thing, and is basically free-riding off its American friends.

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    That is, yellow France doesn't confuse you?
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    Meh. It's the Sun Kingdom.
  14. Vladislav Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2012
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    I made Africa and North America


    1 - Faroe Islands (Dan.)

    2 - Danzig Republic

    3 - Kingdom of Lorraine

    4 - Duchy of Silesia

    5 - Kingdom of Navarre

    6 - Principality of Andorra

    7 - Principality of Monaco

    8 - Gibraltar (Brit.)

    9 - Balearic Islands (Brit.)

    10 - Corsica (Fr.)

    11 - Sardinia (Fr.)

    12 - Sovereign Military Order of Malta

    13 - Republic of Ragusa

    14 - Gallipoli (Rus.)

    15 - Crete (Tr. Mon.)


    16 - Cyprus (Brit.)

    17 - Colony of Aden (Brit.)

    18 - Ryojun (Jap.)

    19 - Tsingdao (Fr.)

    20 - Liampo (Brit.)

    21 - Formosa (Jap.)

    22 - Macao (Sp.)

    23 - Hong Kong (DEI)

    24 - Hainan (DEI)

    25 - Central Java (DEI)

    26 - State of Jogjakarta (DEI)

    27 - State of Surakarta (DEI)


    28 - Tangier, Ceuta and Melilla (Sp.)

    29 - Gambia (Brit.)

    30 - Spanish Guinea

    31 – Danish Guinea

    32 - Fernando Po (Brit.)

    33 - Saint Thomas and Prince (Brit.)

    34 - Ascension Island (Brit.)

    35 - Saint Helena (Brit.)

    36 - Tristan da Cunha (Brit.)

    North America

    37 - Bermuda (Brit.)

    38 - Turks and Caicos Islands (Brit.)

    39 - Virgin Islands (Brit.)

    40 - British Leeward Islands

    41 - Guadeloupe (Fr.)

    42 - Dominica (Fr.)

    43 - Martinique (Fr.)

    44 - Saint Lucia (Fr.)

    45 - Swedish West-India

    46 - Barbados (Brit.)

    47 - French Leeward Antilles

    48 - Trinidad and Tobago Territory (RUAP)
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    New project. Gonna try combine all of Hayao Miyazaki's films into one world. Any guesses as to what's going on in Europe?
  16. Etruscan-enthusiast35 master of the ancient art of schlock

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    This is a dumb idea
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    May 28, 2004
    The war from "Howl's Moving Castle?"
  18. KuboCaskett Resident Otaku

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    Umm...aren't most of his films set in seperate universes? If so, then that's got to be one hell of a map to make regarding geopolitics in some of his films (including Porco Rosso, Nausicaa, Howl's Moving Castle, and Mononoke).
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  19. XFE Formerly Xianfeng Emperor

    Western Europe is based on Nausicaa. I'm happy to twist the lore a bit to have them fit in one universe: for example, Porco Rosso might be set in a more Italian South America, and the Wind Rises might feature a victorious Japanese Empire just to fill in Asia.
  20. NiGHTS BMC-14

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    Not too mention that they take place in completely separate times as well. Like, Nausicaa exists way after the current Earth cultures have been wiped away and forgotten. And some of them take place in a world that is otherwise very normal with the exception of some supernatural things, like Totoro, Ponyo, and Spirited Away.
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