WIP Map Thread


This is a very rough draft for a kingdom if Italy lead by a Prussia style Venice.
That's an interesting concept, does it have any one-on-one analogies for other countries apart from Venice?
I haven't put to much thought into this yet, though I imagine that Naples and/or Sicily would be the Bavaria of the group, and that Tunis/Carthage is the Alsace-Loraine of the group, and maybe Venetian Rome is the Rhineland.
A small look into an EU4-inspired, more "realistic" scenario of the case of Aragon and Castile never uniting to form Spain.


whats up, heres an england I'm making with accurate hundreds and counties using the open Domesday Book as a source (https://opendomesday.org/) because i can't find any other map online that shows it. only done Circuit 6 (northern england) and Massive Cheshire™ and I'm already beginning to cry at the number of subdivisions the normans apparently thought was normal. Should be finished by the heat death of the universe or something
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