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Gillan1220 - October 2018 Chinese putsch
This is from my timeline I'm currently writing.
Further reading:
Chapter 48: Emergency State (Part 1)
Chapter 51: Emergency State (Part 2)
Chapter 53: Emergency State (Part 3)
October 2018 Chinese putsch sandbox page on Alternate History Wiki
Some context:
So basically the U.S. does not withdraw from the Philippines in 1992 since the Philippine Senate votes for the Americans to remain. As a result, Chinese belligerence in the South China Sea by the 2010s is kept on check and contained.
Crossposting this from another a thread:
A what-if scenario if Japanese holdouts were much stronger and being part of decolonizations wars in Asia.
I kinda didn't know where I was really going with this one. Admittedly, it could've been done a lot better, but I guess at the time all I really cared about was making this out of a joke.
I forgot to post this before hand when I uploaded it to the actual thread. This is a remake of the election box I made which I honestly can't tell whether I've made better or worse considering the scenario presented.