Wikibox Contest - Discussion Thread

I really like the idea for contest number 5, and the one I think I'm going to make is an idea I've had for literal years but never got around to making it.
By a margin of one vote, @TheNixonator has won Round 4 with their take on the Mexican Romneys! Congrats as well to DuncanI and TheHedgehog for a very close joint second place.

One week remains in Round 5 so make sure to get your entries in!
Just under 48 hours to go in Round 5 so make sure to get your entries in and check out the submissions! As always, I’m constantly accepting theme/prompt suggestions for future rounds as well.
We’re in the home stretch! Just 21 hours to go before voting is underway in Round 5. Just a few reminders:
  1. Please note that the entry threads are for entries only. If you want to talk about someone’s entry, you’re welcome to post here in the discussion thread and tag the creator.
  2. I’m still gladly accepting suggestions for future rounds, especially for 1-week rounds.
Deadline for Round 5 is extended by 24 hours (12 midnight on Friday, following GMT+8 timezone) because I have an important meeting to attend. Let's just say my friends and I have odd sleep schedules.
I don't know what the name would be (perhaps Deja Vu?) but I'd love to suggest a challenge in which the wikibox has to depict an event that parallels real life. So, for example, the Republican Party being split by a feud between Kermit Roosevelt Jr. and Robert Taft Jr.; another example is a scenario like this map of a Kuban Missile Crisis, essentially just anything which would make someone go "Hey, wait, I've heard this one before."
Anyone planning to enter Round 6? Can extend the deadline by a couple days.

Also, just about nine hours left to vote in Round 5!
@Kerguelen has won Round 5 in a landslide with a very interesting wikibox about a Reagan for President sitcom!

The deadline for Round 6 has been extended for two days--the new deadline is 12AM on Sunday (following GMT+8 time). Round 7 (a two-week round) will have the theme Crawl Out Through the Fallout! -- Make a post-apocalyptic or post-post-apocalyptic themed Infobox. (e.g. Fallout, A Canticle for Leibowitz, Walking Dead, Futurama, etc.)
The Union Makes Us Strong: Produce a wikibox showcasing a world or country where leftism as a whole was more successful.
Wrapped in the Flag and Carrying a Cross: Produce a wikibox showing the rise of a*fascism in the country of your choice.
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