Wikibox Contest - Discussion Thread


The Used Car Salesman
Make an infobox depicting an OTL person taking up a drastically different role.
Time limit: 1 week
So are all these contests running simultaneously, or is someone going to pick one and run that?

To keep things organized and to avoid overwhelming people, I only run one contest at a time. The current one will end at 12 midnight (my timezone, UTC+8) and the next one will start from there.
And that's a wrap for our very first wikibox contest! Looks like we have a tie; congratulations to @GBehm for their (rather scary) take on an Oswald Mosley victory in 1934 and @Nofix for their unique take on an election to the US Supreme Court!

And now, without further ado, here are the new threads:

Wikibox Contest #2: Newspeak - Voting Thread
Wikibox Contest #3: Changing Horses Midstream - Entries Thread

I've put in a new voting system, so now you can vote for as many entries as you want. Thanks to @King of the Uzbeks for suggesting this.
Throwing out a suggestion of my own here.

Gemini: Turn a real-life figure into a pair of identical twins and make wikiboxes depicting their careers.
Time limit: 2 weeks
I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again!
Make a election wikibox where the previous president (or other office holder) that lost re-election last time wins again (ala Cleveland)
Sorry for the delay, but the winner of Round 3, by one vote, is @TwiliAlchemist!

Just a reminder that Round 4 is still open! You can submit your entries until 12 midnight on January 28 (Thursday), following GMT+8 time.