WI: Wilson's Peace Plan Accepted And A Third Term?

This is a purely hypothetical drawn from discussion with a few friends, etc. on a discord; but I am curious as to the domestic situation of the United States of America on the back of Wilson's peace plan being accepted (and the US joining the League of Nations), and Wilson in turn winning a third term (I know it's far fetched, but in this vein I am imagining Wilson is somewhat healthier and a stroke only happens in say 1921).

Specifically, what do you think happens after he has a stroke in early 1921? Is Marshall eventually made Acting President? Is Wilson forced to resign? And then arguably, what does the 1924 US Election look like considering nearly a decade of Wilson, his incapacitation and associated issues? I imagine a GOP landslide similar to OTL 1920, but who is the likely GOP candidate, etc.?