WI: The Rashidun Caliphate invades Anatolia?

In OTL, by 638, Omar had driven the Byzantines out of the Levant and back into Anatolia itself. However, despite being urged to do so by his advisors, he had no interest in invading Anatolia. The main reasons for this were because there was no economic value to the region and because he wanted to consolidate control over the newly-conquered territory in the Levant

But what if Omar had decided to invade Anatolia? Would he have been able to destroy the Eastern Roman Empire? Would he have been able to conquer the Sassanids?
This a set up for disaster as the supply lines are getting over stretched I would compare it to the early attacks on armenia which where repulsed unless some how the caliph sent a main force to conquer Anatolia then again supplies would be a problem this also ignores where they March ? Northern Anatolia is no gone they have not they conquered armenia to do that they could attack from the south the central anatolian region but that is striking deep in to enemy territory with weak supplies in a well defended area were the Byzantines can raise an army to kick you out and reinforcements would take longer to arriba
Unlike the sassanids or 11th century Byzantines heraclius despite his failures up until now still has his reputation of been a war hero (his reputation was strong enough that it prevented valentinus to take the throne for constans) there is no civil war or split that the Muslim can take advantage of .

If it's southern Anatolia then this is near suicide
The Muslim would again despite been closer to the supply lines be overstretched and the Romans have superior navy that they can use to deal with the arabs
(This is why deep strikes to Anatolia only became a thing when the Muslim got a navy )
An invasion of Anatolia would result in them getting some frontier towns and their army kicked out at best .