WI: The Ottoman Government sides with Mustafa Kemal

In OTL, the Ottoman Government sides with the European powers, during the War of Turkish Independence, against the Grand National Assembly. The Turks won, and the Ottoman Sultanate and Caliphate were abolished by Mustafa Kemal.

But what if, instead of siding with the Europeans, the Ottoman Government breaks the Treaty of Sèvres, and the Ottoman Monarchy sides with the Turks, to fight against the occupying European powers?
If they didn't immediately get deposed in favor of a more cooperative Sultan you mean?

The Sultanate was indeed abolished after the War of Independence, but the Caliphate was abolished and the House of Osman exiled later when the Caliph started to undermine the Republic. So if the Ottoman Dynasty actually accepts their role as figurehead monarchs and let the Republic do as they wanted without interference, we might have still had an Ottoman 'Empire' today. If they didn't though, you can expect the royal family to be at the mercy of the ruling CHP, who would do everything in their power to have a monarch who agrees with their agenda on the throne.


Well for one thing Osman Fuad will most definitely be a leading military figure during the war of independence. He was a close friend of Kemals and a talented officer.
If the Ottoman Imperial Government, including the Ottoman Dynasty sided with the Grand National Assembly, and fought against the occupying Europeans, could the Monarchy, even the Caliphate survive to the modern day?