WI The Imperial Regiment of Foot guards

Let's go back to the very first hurdle - what proposal? There is no record of it in the go to histories of the British Army in the Great War that I'm aware of, nor have I come across it in 15 years of examining the very niche topic of additional British guards regiments (Truly, I have wasted my life). What's the source on this? The name of an Imperial Regiment of Foot Guards leads to this topic, not to any other tell tale indications. I'm interested.
An overheard conversation at an event frequented by various old ex army and military historian types that I thought would make an interesting What If scenario.
The story goes that it first emerged as someone's bright idea early in the war when the army was expanding massively and trying to figure out what new units would need to be created (ultimately leading to the creation of the Welsh Guards) and rejected before it became a serious proposal with the idea briefly reappearing at some point towards the end or immediately after the war.

As you say there seem to be very few if any records of such a proposal indicating that it was likely someone's bright idea to get noticed than anything seriously considered
There are no records of it, not ‘few if any’. Even the most obscure of real stories tend to show up once we dig enough, but when we are searching for bodies in a children’s sandpit, we find nothing for a reason.

This puts it on the level of ‘by the authority invested in me by a bloke down the pub who knew for definite.’
Monkey Dust reference aside, this doesn’t pass any sort of smell test as to being a real proposal rather than the kind of concoction produced by Chinese whispers; consider the Strategic Steam Reserve as a parallel.

Without any real evidence, it is simply an idea never pursued in @ for all the reasons cited. What is the gain, advantage or benefit? None I can see.