WI: The 1967 National Conference for New Politics was not disrupted?

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    Feb 7, 2011
    WI: The 1967 National Conference for New Politics is not disrupted by the FBI?

    At face value, a 1968 third party presidential ticket of MLK/Dr.Spock is not going to break the two-party system. King's star was fading in the Civil Rights Movement at this point and the Lyndon Johnson coalition has solidified a Democratic alliance of Labor and African-American voters.

    However, when you consider the butterflies...

    If the Conference is not disrupted, the altered events of the next year - the changed schedules and activities - could butterfly away the MLK assassination and the 1968 Yippie protest at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, if the Yippies are busy organizing the Anti-War movement for New Politics.

    And, as to the future of New Politics as a third party, consider this: with Lyndon Johnson stepping down, and different events at the Democratic Convention, could the Johnson Coalition collapse? If the Democrats, for instance, nominated a compromise candidate in order to prevent George Wallace from running the Southern conservatives, someone who won't balance out liberal Democratic hawkishness with principled liberalism, could that have the knock on effect of alienating the Labor and Civil Rights lobbies?

    Preventing a Southern conservative independent run in '68 causing the AFL-CIO and the Civil Rights Movement to gravitate towards Dr.King - despite different constituencies, the AFL and the Movement were pretty tied together in this time period with a lot of crossover in membership.

    And, this is just a random thought, but with investigation under the Kennedy administration, even the non-Civil Rights sympathetic unions - or in this case one important one - might move over despite more conservative members and leadership. By this I'm speaking of the Teamsters under Hoffa. Butterfly away his disappearance and you could leave the Democrats with a much smaller slice of labor, United Steelworkers maybe.

    After a newsworthy but mostly write-in '68 run, the crossover of labor and civil rights in the years following could help New Politics gain ballot access in many states by '72.