WI: Superbowl terrorist attack

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    What would happen and how would America respond if terrorists successfully manage to attack, bomb or otherwise kill a large amount of people during the Superbowl, live on TV while being seen by millions?

    For the purposes of this tread, this takes place AFTER 9/11 (when, up to you).

    There are over 100 million people in the United States alone that watch the big game, so I'm, assuming their response will be huge.

    Also what changes to security, economy, military and foreign policy would occur from this?
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    Americans would not let their participation in the countries in the Middle East go down. In fact, they'd probably flock to the recruiting station. The terrorists, wherever they are, are in for it big time.
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    In 2008, there was a man, ex-veteran I believe, who had planned to go to Phoenix Stadium with an Assault Rifle. Not what you had in mind, but its requires only a small change.

    Wait, here is the entry:

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    Sum of All Fears?
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