WI Star Wars Anime in the late 80`s

What if following the release of Star Wars Episode VI George Lucas, rather than the whole Ewok show he approved OTL, which was a very kid orientated and sortof poor quality show. Rather Lucas decides to go with a Anime style Star Wars series or series? The show could follow the established characters (Han and Chewie before New Hope?) be about supporting characters (Boba Fett, Wedge Antillies, Lando etc..). Or if could go a totally different route and show a more normal approach.
I could see a show set aboard a Star Destroyer showing the life of an average TIE pilot and that not everyone in the empire is an evil yet moronic stormtrooper.
Failing that what about a show similar to Rebels aboard a rebel ship with routine battles with the Empire involving X-wings and TIE Fighters? Something like the rouge squadron series of books?
What are somme thoughts on this?
That would be a Cartoon, at lot of cartoon were made by japanese studios and some of the best were those(Transformer, Jem and the Holograms,etc) Heck Batman TAS was Tokyo Movie Shinsa so there is talent, maybe like TAS, a Lucasfilm-TMS collaboration