WI: Soviets escape Kiev encirclement?

The Battle of Kiev was one of the largest battles of the Eastern Front and the largest encirclement in military history up to that point, where the 5th, 26th, 37th, and 38th armies lost a huge amount of manpower and material, and Kiev was captured. The Stavka refused to allow efforts to break the encirclement until it was too late. So what if the armies had managed to break encirclement and retreat, perhaps as a result of either a few days delay in breaking through the Stalin Line, the Stavka giving the appropriate orders a week or two earlier, or greater squabbling between Hitler and his generals, resulting in light losses not greater than 15%? Would the Soviets win a year earlier? Can they grab more of Germany in the post-war era? How does this affect the Western Allies?

Not a military historian, but I presume that if a chunk of forces are able to leave to the pocket, Operation Typhoon gets called off in favor of some flank saving operation. Funny enough this might leave the Soviets in a worse situation in the short term as they now have to make a guess as where to reinforce their front instead of the obvious choice of Moscow IOTL. Also with no Typhoon, Guderian et al. probably get sent North leading to the fall of Leningrad in 41'. Soviets still win in the long run, though.
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