WI: Saudeleur dynasty survives?

On the Island of Pohnpei, in Micronesia, there once stood a civilization called the Saudeleur dynasty. It had a centralized government, uniting the people of Pohnpei island, and ruled from around 1100s to 1628. Its famous accomplishment was its capital so impressive, it would be called in the future, "The Venice of the Pacific" and even thought to be Lost Continent by Pseudoscience and used for fiction: Nan Madol.

However, the Saudeleur Dynasty didn't last, as around 1628, according to Pohnpeian legend, a man named Isokelekel invaded the city and overthrew the Saudeleur, and created a more decentralized system of chiefs on Pohnpei, called Nahnmwarki. He initially ruled the island from Nan Madol, but his successors abandoned the great capital, which soon became deserted.

What if this semi-legendary Isokelekel never came to Pohnpei, and his overthrow of the Saudeleur never occurred? Nan Madol never deserted?

This may seem like a minor idea, but there is one key factor will come into play; Europeans.

A good example would be the Kingdom of Hawaii, as when European arrived, besides trade, Hawaii was initially also used a whaling station, but also started westernizing over the 19th Century.

What if Pohnpei under the Saudeleur Dynasty becomes a whaling port, that eventually starts to westernize as more Europeans arrive?
Sadly, I think they won't survive European colonization. Hawaii is somewhat of an outlier in that it was colonized fairly late, but the rest of Polynesia\Micronesia\Melanesia was conquered earlier in the 19th centuries, despite also having their own fairly-centralized kingdoms. However, if the great stone palaces they built remain maintained or even expanded up until the 19th century, it could become kind of like Rapa Nui (Easter Island), i.e. this far-away island in the Pacific that attracts Europe's imagination by having a civilization capable of building impressive megalithic structures. A lot of ink will be spilled trying to explain who the legendary founders who came from the south or west, according to legend, really were. There's gonna be a bunch of crank theories about the origins of the Saudeleur dynasty, including some racists claiming they're lost Aryans or whatever.
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