WI Romanos IV Diogenes dies in Manzikert?

Romanos IV Diogenes was the co-Emperor of the Byzantine Empire with Michael X Doukas from 1068 to 1071 when he was captured at the battle of Manzikert by Alp Arslan. He was eventually released on the guarantee of a massive ransom of 1.5 million nomismata and another 360,000 annually. Unfortunately for Romanos he was betrayed and dethroned in a palace coup while he was imprisoned by Alp Arlsan and when he was finally released he sparked a civil war to regain his throne. Ultimately, he failed, got blinded, and died a very painful death, but the civil war weakened the already fragile Byzantine military in Anatolia.

So, what if Romanos IV Diogenes is killed at Manzikert instead of being captured? Obviously, the Seljuks would still invade Eastern Anatolia but would they still have the same success without the Civil War diverting Byzantine resources and attention, or would someone else attempt a coup against the Doukai?