WI: Republic of Venice accepts Napoleon's alliance offer?

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    I do not see why Savoy would have to go to war with Venice, or why France would have to be involved- assuming they get Lombardy Venice is a regional power roughly on par with Sardinia Piedmont, and much wealthier and probably more industrialized- the province was one of the wealthiest in the Austrian empire- and probably aligned with Britain, and a major naval power in the mediterranean a la the Dutch. They very well might gain colonies, at the least will be involved in the Great Game with the Ottomans (an alliance with Russia perhaps?).
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    Without Austria (and Metternich)meddling Italy has all the chance to become a confederation in 1847-1848.
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    Italy having been formed as a unitary state by force of arms is at the base of many of its current issues, especially the North/South divide, organized crime, a lack of civic engagement among the general public, and widespread apathy and/or hostility towards the state.

    Also, the cultural genocide that resulted in the eradication of several languages and traditions.

    Byzantine and omnipresent bureaucracy, however, far predates 1848 and 1861, so it's here to stay.
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    Italy could confederate of its own accord as well. Naples, Papal States, Venice, Milan, Florence, Sardinia, and Pisa could form an executive council of sorts and potentially join the club of notable powers sooner. In converse maybe Venice backs Austria in its 1866 war with Germany or an equivalent and pushes southern Germany (perhaps Rhineland province and Luxembourg too?) into the Austrian orbit.
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    The South was destroyed after the unification, the bureaucracy of the Kingdom of Italy came all from Savoy-Piedmont and was of French inspiration... The Kingdom of Two Sicilies had a better one, more direct and less oppressive than that of the OTL Kingdom of Italy