WI: Reeve Aluetian Airways Flight 8 crashes?

OTL (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reeve_Aleutian_Airways_Flight_8) an Lockheed L-188 Electra's number-four propeller separates, tearing a gash on the aircraft's underside, jamming the flight controls and causing a rapid decompression. But the thanks to their skill, the pilots manage to land the aircraft safely at Anchorage, Alaska.

But what if the number-four propeller of Flight 8 separates very worsely when not only tears a gash on the plane's underside. jamming the flight controls and causing a rapid decompression but destroying the hydrualic line and control cables entirely, making the plane totally uncontrollable with no use and Flight 8 subsequently crashes into the mountainside somewhere in Alaska, killing everyone on-board.

What is the result, effects and butterflies happen when Reeve Aleutian Flight 8 crashes? We know that Reeve Aleutian Airways may get more lawsuits when this happen and a more complex and thorough NTSB investigation occurs.
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