WI: Paleo-Indians never wipe out the Horses in North America?

So for those who don't know, Horse originated in North America, with many of them crossing the Beringia bridge into Eurasia. When the first Humans arrive they hunted the remaining Horses into extinction. However what if they never hunted them and instead uses them as the Eurasian civilization did, how would that affect History?
Weve done this to death, people will say the obvious conclusions about how native societies would be more “developed“ and better equipped to handle Europeans, but the details of these alt-natives, like their cultures, religions, and history, can only truly be answered with a TL, not a mere WI. It’s too broad and outside the scope of AH, you’re essentially creating new civilizations from scratch, especially as the conditions enabling horse survival will enable other potential domesticates to survive as well.
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Like the Indo-Europeans came from the Steppe in modern Russia, the Amerindian version will come from the interior of the continent (the Great Plains, Great Plains, and Columbia Plateau) to reshape societies before them. And that's in the modern US and Canada alone, not even speaking of other parts of the Americas who will equally gain a lot from this.