WI: Nelvana merges with Hanna-Barbera in 1987

Are we talking about a takeover or are we looking at a company possibly called HBN animation studios?
So, what if Nelvana merged with Hanna-Barbera in 1987?
First off, given the amount of content already at the two companies' disposals, we might barely have enough content that isn't already on USA Cartoon Express and other children's blocks in the US to launch Cartoon Network in 1988 or 1989.

However, we might still need Ted Turner himself to come up with the idea of an all-animation channel, which would lead to him still founding the channel with Bill and Joe by his side, albeit not really by his side to begin with.

All in all, this is a tough thing to break down.
I hope not. That Canadian cast was great. Especially David Fox as Captain Haddock. He was tremendous.
I liked Fox as Haddock too. Although on second thought, I've wondered about how the BBC Audio Drama cast (Richard Pearce as Tintint, Lionel Jeffries as Haddock, and Andrew Sachs as Snomy among others) might have fared.
As Tin Tin is concerned I see the cartoon getting a more prominent release in the US and not dumped on Nick jr
Perhaps ABC or NBC