WI: More countries in the International Space Station (China particulary)

A question for the space buffs here; what if there are more countries participating in the ISS?

China is barred from participating due to a US congress act in 2011, but it had previously expressed interest. Being perhaps the third or fourth largest space player right now, its participation could be large indeed.

Brazil participated in the begginings of the ISS, but never sent a module or capsule, just an astronaut. There were Brazilian parts of the ISS planned, but Embraer failed to deliver.

South Korea and India have also expressed interest in participating.

Any other potential members? I'm thinking Australia/NZ, the richest Arab countries (the United Arab Emirates have a very strong program for its size...), some semi-prosperous Latin America countries like Argentina (I wish...), Mexico, Colombia or Chile, and South Africa could potentially do it.
somewhat more seriously, with regards to Mexico being mentioned in the OP, i seem to remember reading that Mexico really does have a pretty active space program, but also that they don't really have much interest in putting people into space, so that might disqualify them