WI: Majorian Cuts Ties With Ravenna, Begins an ATL Second Gallic Empire

Reading through old threads on AH.com, I found a DBWI positing a scenario in which Syagrius' Domain/Kingdom of Soissons defeats Clovis at the Battle of Soissons, and after reuniting Gaul, Syagrius establishes an ATL Second Gallic Empire. When reading through another thread about keeping Europe as Roman as possible post-476, one user suggested a victorious Syagrius, another said Majorian succeeding was even better. What if Majorian (who expected to recieve an icy reception in Italy following his failed campaign against the Vandals) decided to stay in Arelati, break away from Ravenna (effectively abdicating the throne in Rome), and form a Second Gallic Empire? Whom might Ricimer replace Majorian with? Could Majorian retain Hispania or would he lose it to the Visigoths waging other wars? How much of Gaul could he realistically reconquer? Who might be his successor?
Assuming he actually does such a thing (which I don't find likely, but whatever), said empire would probably be safe for at least as long as Majorian himself is alive, provided he can successfully establish and legitimize his rule over Gaul, both in the eyes of local Romans and the Germanic kingdoms, which he should be able to do with his army.

Having said that, I don't see why he would do this. Perhaps if he escapes from Ricimer, who puts his puppet on the throne. Even then though, this new Gallic Empire would just be a staging ground for his reconquest of the Western Empire.