What if after the 2008 Canadian election, a coalition government was successfully formed between the Liberals and the NDP, with the support of the Bloc Quebecois, as was attempted, and the Harper government was overthrown? A PoD for this could be that Governor-General Michaelle Jean does not let Harper prorogue parliament. What would be the effects of this coalition government? Likely it would be seen to lack legitimacy, given that the Liberals were far behind the Conservatives in the 2008 election and would be dependent on the support of the separatists to govern. Who would be Prime Minister-would Dion stay Liberal leader TTL or would Ignatieff become Prime Minister? How would the Liberals handle the 2008 financial crisis and govern differently from Harper? What would be the effects? Would Harper remain leader of the Conservatives and if so, would he win the next election? What would be the election results in the next election? What if?