WI: Kuniaki Koiso does not succeed Tojo as PM?

Obviously Japan cannot win or even last that much longer short of ASBs, it's a question of when and how it loses, and the circumstances relating to it. I am here to ask one of those questions. For a bit of background, Kuniaki Koiso was previously Minister of Colonial Affairs for a short time, and Governor-General of Korea. What if Kuniaki Koiso had not been chosen as Prime Minister after Tojo was forced to resign, with the candidate of the army, Hisaichi Terauchi being chosen instead. He was the commander of all Japanese forces in Southeast Asia, and many felt they could not afford to recall him to Japan due to ongoing operations there, despite this, there were strong objections to Koiso as well. What if Hisaichi Terauchi was chosen instead, and recalled back to Japan? Does the whole war effort in Southeast Asia collapse? How does this affect the war, could it at least be prolonged by a few months? This would also have implications for the conflicts between the peace faction and war faction that would happen in early-mid 1945, Japan might not surrender like OTL, and a possible coup might succeed. What are the impacts post-war?