WI: JFK Lives: which name we could give to the NY's Airport?

Until 1963, the NY airport was named Idlewild Airport, or NY International Airport. However, with the assassination of JFK, the mayor of the city decided to rename it in homage to the assassinated president. What if this one had survived? What would the name of the NY airport have been like today? Still Idlewild or would he have received another name in homage to another POTUS?


Maybe it will officially use the name which it was given in 1948 - New York International Airport, Anderson Field - instead of using the unofficial name of Idlewild. So instead of JFK it could be NYA.
Thomas E. Dewey International Airport after his death in 1971 and Republican Gov. Rockefeller and Republican NYC Mayor John Lindsay both protégés of Dewey press for it.

Nick P

New York. Or New York Airport.
Let's be honest, it's rare that people say they are flying from John F Kennedy to Charles De Gaulle. They're more likely to say "I'm flying from New York to Paris" and we'd assume it's the big airports there.