WI: Jews expelled to New Spain

It will be a death sentence, just like when Portugal sent Jewish kids to Sao Tome and Principe and waited for them to die.
And genetic tests showed a lot more Jewish heritage in Latin Americans than previously expected. A lot of Jews apparently came to the Americas pretending not to be Jewish.
What if expulsion of Jews from Spain had been delayed for several decades and then they were sent off to New Spain instead of going to Muslim countries?
Kill off Isabella much earlier than OTL (and guarantee who her namesake daughter would NOT rule Castile after her either as Queen or Regent) and you have some chances to get the expulsio s delayed and you need also to get rid of Torquemada before 1491...
The Spanish viewed the natives as in need of salvation, and in a classic case of white man's burden brought it upon themselves to bring them into the light of god. Allowing Jews, Muslims, or New Christians to go to the Americas would have allowed for corruption to enter into what the Spanish viewed as a virgin population, and as such Jews and even New Christians have no chance of openly going to the Americas under Spain.