WI Japan Switched Sides


WI Japan switched sides in early 1943? Say the emperor reads Mein Kampf and committs Sepukku on radio but not before ordering Tojo to do the same and the Army to surrender unconditionally and place themselves at the Allie's disposal.

Is this ASB to even propose? And even assuming it does happen, would the Allies accept Japanese help? Most importantly, how would it effect the war in Europe and Russia if it did happen.

I think its terribly unlikely but within the realm, particularly if the Emperor killed himself to lend credence. He is and was a figurehead but a venerated one. I think some warlords might fight surrender but would generally be outnumbered.
The other two I really have no idea about. Scenarios that range all the way from an instant end to the war to a prolonging seem possible
The Emperor wouldn't commit sepukku. LOL, I don't know how else to see it.

The Emperor wasn't viewed as a person, but as a god; concepts such as human honor and politics and war were completely beneath him. All he really had to do WAS go on radio and order Tojo to kill himself and the Army to surrender. Once the people knew that it was God's will, they would do it.

Sepukku was for a samurai who had dishonored himself, usually by allowing his lord to get killed. The Emperor was not a samurai, was not even human, according to Japanese tradition.
in complete agreement with the Knight of Armenia here, but Japan switching sides in 1943 would be a very interesting POD. Just imagine, 2 years after Pearl and the Japanese are on the side of the Americans. Wonder how the USA will react. Of course the Japanese would have to give up the European and American colonies that they had occupied and would probably have to withdraw from China (though the Japanese army in China would suddenly become an Allied army, so....). The Allies might suddenly find it interesting as the Australians, Indians, New Zealanders and Americans are now free to commit the majority of their forces to Europe (with the Dominions helping Britain in Africa most likely and participating with the British portion of the invasion of Sicily and Italy). We could even have Normandy brought forward by some months or even a year. Of course the Soviets would no longer have to worry about Japan and could throw practically their entire army Germany's way, so we may end up with more or less the same post-war positions in Europe but just a year or some months earlier than in OTL.

What happened to "Remember Pearl Harbor"? I find it hard to imagine the US accepting anything less that an unconditional surrender and a completely disarmed and disassembled Japanese Empire. An offer to "switch sides" implies a certain equality among the parties, and I can't believe any Japanese government would offer it (even in the nearly ASB scenario provided) without preserving some Japanese unit command, independence, etc. The US, at least, would not be in a trusting mood. A complete Japanese surrender might help the allies defeat Germany earlier, but there is no way Japanese forces, ships, and airpower would be contibuting to this victory, nor would this give them an easier peace similar to that which as what Italy got.