WI: Hitler has only got one ball

There is a book I read many years ago, "The Spear of Destiny", that claims that Hitler indeed had only one testicle. I won't speculate on its reliability, since the subject matter of the book is about an occult talisman that allegedly was the Spear of Longious which pierced the side of Christ when He was on the cross. But the claim is out there.
Probably see some use in crude Allied propaganda and be the stuff of soldiers jokes and "edgy" (in the 40's sense :p) radio.
Ralph Waite pursues the theme of Hitler's monorchidism in "The Psychopathic God" . Waite believed this did not account for his psychopathology but may have fueled his resentment of his mother (for delivering an "incomplete" child) and his interest in architecture (because monorchids allegedly are attracted to themes of completion).