WI: Henry Benedict Stuart elected Pope?

Henry Benedict Stuart was the son of James Francis Edward Stuart and Brother of Charles Edward Stuart "Bonnie Prince Charlie", and all of whom were of the deposed House of Stuart after the House of Hanover. Like his father and brother, he was a Jacobite, and but wouldn't see any action like those of his brother in 1745. Afterwards, he would go on to become later become a Catholic Cardinal for the Papacy, and doing so would be the last Stuart Pretender.

However, one little known fact about Henry, is that he partook in many Papal Conclaves to become Pope.

What if in one of these elections, Henry Benedict Stuart was elected pope? Now given how he participated in three papal conclaves I could find, we'll have to three PODs:
  1. 1758 Papal Conclave
  2. 1775 Papal Conclave
  3. 1799-1800 Papal Conclave
So, depending on when he's elected, what could've happened had Henry Benedict Stuart was elected Pope? What could possibly be Henry's (Whatever his pontifical name is) policies be like? How would nations react (Mostly Britain)
it is a very interesting topic, but there is a small problem in none of his 4 conclaves, our Enrico had never come close to being even a papabile (therefore among the favorites) of course it would be very intriguing if he became a serious favorite in the conclave 1769 (the one that led to the election of Clement XIV, the one who was forced to dissolve the Jesuits under threat from the Bourbon powers and not) because it was the longest and most tense conclave (72 days), as well as full of direct interventions by the Catholic powers : between Charles III who threatened to embark for Naples (the preparations were already made), Leopold and Joseph II who were present in the city and the French insistence.
as regards how Great Britain will react, at the beginning it certainly will not welcome his election but what can really influence relations between Rome and London will be his policies towards British Catholics (it should be remembered that Otl Pius VI , I agree with George III for a second exploratory mission (after the first failed commissioned by his predecessor in 1772) to reconnect the dialogues and allow an easy reorganization of the church in England but the strong anti-popist sentiment and the Gordon riots blew everything up) but I think that there will be friction particularly over Ireland (very loyal to the Jacobites)

to know how the other powers will react instead, we need to see which side will be in the conflict on the continued existence of the Jesuits or not, without forgetting that we are in a moment in which the states / monarchs wanted absolute control of their government (therefore a semi independent like the church was frowned upon, see for example the policy (so hated by his people ) of Joseph II ) so his reaction or defense of papal interests will be essential to understand the interactions

it will certainly expand the origin of the cardinals, at least to dilute the power of the Bourbons in the Curia and I am almost certain that it will continue the conversion policies and agreements to bring the churches of the Eastern rite into communion with Rome ( particularly in Galicia and the Middle East , where in the past many of his predecessors had managed to get many of the patriarchs of Alexandria and Antioch to join )

as it can also happen that he partially agrees with the policies of a slight secularization in the HRE ( something that had been partially hinted at and taken into consideration by Clemente Otl especially if in exchange for military support against a Franco - Spanish invasion, very probable in 1773, but Maria Theresa had said she would eventually be neutral ) of course in exchange for compensation or a total reorganization of the imperial church ( or even the donation of a Catholic episcopal territory in the HRE which passed under the direct control of Rome in exchange for the total go-ahead for imperial policies, difficult but not improbable )
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