WI - Haile Selassie I, King of Israel!

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    So Ariel Ben David is the better name
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    Also, I know this thread's been a bit inactive, but a few more thoughts.

    First is the dynamic between Jews of different ethnic backgrounds in an Israel with an Ethiopian King. OTL there are some examples of racism between Jews of different origins, although it is relatively small. In addition, most notable politicians tend to be Ashkenazim. Sephardim and Mizrahim make up the majority and have equal rights, but since mostly Ashkenazim were the original founders of the state, they had a bit of a head start in getting established politically. There have also been some controversies with treatment towards Ethiopian Jews (although it is still typically better than the treatment of black people in the US today). With a more multiracial founding, these relatively small amounts of racism would likely vanish.

    Next is with regard to African migrants. Today, there is also a lot of racism among the Israeli right towards incoming Sub-Saharan African migrants, particularly from the Horn of Africa. With an Ethiopian monarchy, this is less likely to be the case, given how the monarchy started with someone who was once a non-Jew from the Horn of Africa. There may also be even more migrants from that region in this timeline, and perhaps more would also convert to Judaism, and all of this would likely increase the population by a large amount, especially with higher birth rates. Perhaps this may actually result in a racist anti-monarchist movement.

    Then there's the socialist movement. In OTL Israel, the socialists dominated politics for decades because many of the founding fathers (and mother (Golda Meir)) were socialist Labor Zionists led by David ben-Gurion, leader of Haganah and first Prime Minister of the nation. However, if Haganah's OTL role was taken over by perhaps a militia organized by Ari'el Tafari ben-David (if that's the name we're going with), then perhaps the socialist faction within the Zionist movement would have been weakened, meaning a more politically diverse Israel. Factions would be divided in the following ways: racist vs non-racist, monarchist vs anti-monarchist (which may be largely effected by the racism category), socialist vs capitalist, and secularist vs religious. I see the faction most closely supporting the king being non-racist (although perhaps not with regards towards Arabs), economically moderate, more religious, and obviously monarchist. There would also be religious antimonarchists (who would likely also have some racist elements), secularists across the economic spectrum who would likely be indifferent to the king but may support him due to what he meant for the nation, hardcore socialists who may oppose the monarchy but would not see it as their main concern, and perhaps also racist anti-monarchist socialists.

    Some things I suggested here may contradict each other, but keep in mind this is all speculation.
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