WI Flemish Victory During Franco-Flemish War

As it says on the in, what if the Flemish won the war. Would an undoubtedly sovereign Flanders join rank within the H.R.E as so to counter any future French aggression? Could a golden spur become a symbol of later Flemish nationalism?
Flanders joining the HRE could be a possibility, one of the main reasons for the revolt was the differences between the count of flanders, who thought in feudal terms, while the french king wanted a centralised state. If the HREmperor offers protection and swears to uphold the counties privileges, it can very well happen. Adding the rich cities of flanders to the HRE would strengthen the Hanse and make the low countries even richer compared to the other regions of the empire.

A major effect would be on the french crown, which would lose some of the rich cities of Boulogne/Artois and the other counts/dukes of france would be shown that revolting against the crown remained a possibility. The HYW would be changed because of Calais not giving direct access to the french kingdom anymore, losing it's strategic position.

As for the golden spurs as a symbol for flemish nationalism, it already is. The spur itself as a symbol not, but the battle was romanticised in Hendrik Conscience's book "The Lion of Flanders". Hendrik Conscience is known as "the man who taught his people to read". The battle is thus one of the seeds of flemish identity.