WI: at least one member of Bucks Fizz die in 1984 coach crash

So, on 11 December 1984, the British pop group Bucks Fizz‘s tour coach crashed into a lorry on the way to a concert. No one died but all of the band members were injured, most significantly Mike Nolan, who still suffers from the effects of the crash to this day. For those wondering, Bucks Fizz is a British pop ensemble which won Eurovision for the UK in 1982, and had three number one hits afterwards (all before the crash), before going into obscurity. Their last charting single was in 1987 but in the last few years have charted in the album charts off of nostalgia.

What would have happened if at least one of the members had succumbed to the crash?
About the only thing I can see changing is that Jet Records doesn't release their live album in 1991, and Don Arden is left slightly poorer as a result.