WI: An Ostrogothic exodus spreads non-trinitarianism in the north?

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After the defeat of the Ostrogoths at the Battle of Mons Lactarius, a number of the Ostrogoths went back north and resettled in Austria. Some of them would participate in the later Lombard invasion.

Arian Christianity was allegedly introduced to the Goths in the first place by a singular priest Ulfilas. Based on linguistic analysis, scholars have revised this and say was actually a team of scholars who composed the Gothic Bible, but nonetheless, it was likely a small number of people who initially spread Arianism among the Goths and then the other Germanic tribes. In the 6th century, most of the Ostrogoths and Lombards were still Arian Christians.

Along these lines, what if the Ostrogoths had a full-blown exodus of sorts from Italy, and proselytized among the Germanic and Slavic tribes north of the Alps, spreading either Arian Christianity, or simply non-trinitarian doctrines in general?

Additionally, could such migration be bolstered by the dispersion of the Vandals and/or non-Chalcedonian religious groups persecuted in the Byzantine Empire?