WI: All of Katherine of Aragon's children live to adulthood

I think that it is safe to say that all of OTL wives of Henry VIII deserves a long, stress-free lives!

One thing I find interesting when it comes to OTL wives of Henry VIII, the causes of death rhymes.

1st Katherine of Aragon: Cancer
2nd Anne Boleyn: Execution(wrongly, of course)
3rd Jane Seymour: Childbirth
4th Anne of Cleves: Cancer
5th Katherine Howard: Execution(she did cheat on Henry VIII, unlike her first cousin)
6th Katherine Parr: Childbirth

Like I said, I find this interesting, even though last three didn't die in the order of death of first three.
I would not be so sure about Katherine Howard cheating (or being in love with Culpepper)… chances who she was simply blackmailed for her past (and had not actually betrayed Henry) are pretty high
Tudor-Family tree.
King Henry VIII (b. June 28, 1491) m Queen Katherine of Aragon (b. December 16, 1485).

1. Princess Elizabeth (b. March 13, 1510-January 7, 1536)m. King Henri II of Navarre (April 18, 1503).​
1. Princess Catherine (b. November 18 1528).​
2. Stillborn boy (1530).​
3. Miscarriage (1534)​
4. Stillborn girl (1536).​
2. Prince Henry, Duke of Cornwall (b. January 1, 1511-July 6 1533) m. Catherine of Austria (January 14 1507).​
1. Princess Catherine (b. April 28, 1529).​
2. Princess Elizabeth (b and died 1530).​
3. Prince Edward (November 1 1531-July 30 1537).​
4. Princess Elizabeth (March 15 1533).​
3. Prince Edward, Duke of York (b. October 30, 1513) m. Anne Bourchier(b. 1517).​
1. Lord Thomas, Earl of Nottingham (b. October 12 1537).​
4. Prince John, Duke of Somerset (b. November 4, 1514) m. Catherine Willoughby 12th Baroness Willoughby de Eresby (b. March 22, 1519).​
1. Lord Henry, Earl of Hertford (b. September 18, 1535).​
5. Princess Mary (b. February 18 1516). m. Charles IX of France (October 23 1516).​
1. Dauphin Henri (b. November 7, 1533)​
2. Prince Francois (b. June 8, 1536).​
6. Princess Catherine (b. December 24 1518) m. Lord Henry Stafford (b. 1520).​
7. Prince Charles, Duke of Richmond. (b. May 1, 1522).​

Margaret Tudor (b. November 28, 1489) m. King James IV of Scots (March 17, 1473-September 9 1513) (a). Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus (b. 1489) (b).
1a. King James V of Scots (b. April 10 1512). m. Madeline of Scots (August 10 1520).​
2b. Margaret Douglas (b. October 8 1515).​

Mary Tudor (b. March 18 1496-1533) m. Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk (b. 1484).
1. Henry Brandon, Earl of Lincoln (b. March 11, 1516) m. Mary Howard (b. 1519).​
1. Charles Brandon (b. 1537).​
2. Charlotte Brandon (b. July 16, 1517). m. Henry Grey, Marquess of Dorset (b. January 17, 1517).​
1. Jane Grey (b. 1537).​
3. Eleanor Brandon (b. 1519). m. Henry Clifford, 2nd Earl of Cumberland (b. 1517).​
4. William Brandon (b. 1523).​
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Family tree-Hapsburgs and Valois
Francois of France (September 12, 1494-Febuary 24, 1525) m. Claude of Brittany (October 13, 1499-July 20, 1524).
1. Princess Louise (August 19 1515-September 18, 1518).​
2. King Charles IX (b. October 23 1516). m. Mary of England (February 18 1516).​
1. Dauphin Henri (b. November 7, 1533)​
2. Prince Francois (b. June 8, 1536).​
3. Prince Francois, Duke of Orleans. (b. February 28 1518). m. Maria of Saxony (b. 1515).​
4. Prince Henri, Duke of Angoulême (b. March 31 1519). m. Catherine de' Medici (b. 1519).​
5. Princess Madeline (b. August 10, 1520). m. King James of Scots (April 10 1512).​
6. Prince Louis, Duke of Berry (b. January 22, 1522).​
7. Princess Marguerite (b. June 5, 1523) m. Infante Antonio (b. June 13 1522).​

Philip the Handsome (July 22 1478-September 25, 1506)m. Juana of Aragon (b, November 6 1479
1. Eleanor of Austria (b. November 15 1498) m. King John III of Portugal (June 7 1502).​
1. Infante Antonio (b. June 13 1522). m. Princess Marguerite (b. June 5, 1523).​
2. Infanta Maria (b. October 15 1523).​
3. Infante Alfonso (b. February 24 1526-1527).​
4. Infanta Isabel (b. June 18 1527-1531).​
5. Infanta Juana (b. February 15 1530).​
6. Infante Manuel (b. November 18 1531-1537).​
7. Infante Densis (April 5 1533).​
2. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (b. February 24 1500) m. Isabel of Portugal (b. October 24 1503).​
1. Infanta Margaret (b. July 5, 1522).​
2. Infante Philip (b. March 19, 1525).​
3. Infante Ferdinand (1527-1531).​
4. Infanta Maria (b. June 21, 1528).​
5. Infante Carlos (b. November 22, 1529).​
6. Infante Juan (b. June 29, 1534).​
7. Infanta Juana (b. June 24, 1535).​
3. Archduchess Isabella (July 18 1501 – January 19 1526) m. Christian II of Denmark (b. July 1, 1481).​
1. Prince John (b. February 21 1518-1532).​
2. Princess Dorothea (b. November 10, 1520). m. Frederick II, Elector Palatine (b. December 9, 1482).​
3. Princess Christina (b. 1522). m. Francesco II Sforza, Duke of Milian (February 4, 1495 – November 2, 1535)​
4. Archduke Ferdinand (b. March 10 1503) m. Princess Anna of Hungary (b. July 23 1503).​
1. Archduchess Elizabeth (b. July 9 1526).​
2. Archduke Maximilian (b. July 27 1527).​
3. Archduchess Anna (b. July 7, 1528).​
4. Archduke Ferdinand (b. June 14, 1529).​
5. Archduchess Maria of Austria (b. May 1531).​
6. Archduke Magdalena of Austria (b. August 14, 1532).​
7. Archduchess Catherine of Austria (b. September 15, 1533).​
5. Archduchess Mary (b. September 15, 1505) m. Louis II of Hungary (b. July 1 1506).​
1. Prince Károly (b. August 29 1523).​
6. Archduchess Catherine (b. January 14, 1507) m. Prince Henry of Wales (b. January 1 1511).​
1. Princess Catherine (b. April 28, 1529).​
2. Princess Elizabeth (b and died 1530).​
3. Prince Edward (November 1 1531-July 30 1537).​
4. Princess Elizabeth (March 15 1533).​
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No sooner was the disgraced Duke of York gone from Ireland did unrest begin to stir. Despite Edward's argumentative nature, he was actually quite popular in Ireland. This was largely due to the influence of his mistress, Eleanor Butler, who encouraged him to embrace the Irish culture. When Edward was banished the new Lord Deputy revoked the privileges and favorable polices Edward had instituted. This was understandably not well received.

In fact, Thomas FitzGerald, 10th Earl of Kildare and James Butler, 9th Earl of Ormond within months of Edward's banishment petitioned the court for the Duke of York's return. The petition was signed by over a hundred names, but was ignored and they were rebuked harshly for supporting a traitor. After a year, Kildare and Ormond summoned the Irish Lords and convinced them to renounce their allegiances to King Henry, Lord of Ireland, insisting that it would only be under Prince Edward's rule could they flourish as they would be subjected to harsh treatment by his father. They also convinced the remaining Gaelic chieftains to support them. They hired Swiss, German, French, and Italian mercenaries to help him in his endeavor. Where he had gotten the money for them remains a mystery, but many, including King Henry himself, suspected the Duke of York was supporting the Irish rebellion from behind the scenes. Some even hinted that the King of France might have lent some support.

King Henry lamented that even miles away, his second son still caused trouble. Despite not being in the prime of his life, the red-haired monarch rode lead his troops to Ireland, leaving his wife at act as regent in London. He gave orders for the Princess of Wales and her sister to be brought to Whitehall so they could be close at hand if the worst should happen.

The Irish army consisted of fifty thousand by the time King Henry arrived at Dublin. The English monarch had not been expecting such a large number, but he was nothing if not well prepared. He intended to crush the Kildare rebellion under his boot. He also swore that by the time he was finished, he would be declaring himself King of England, France, Wales, and Ireland.

The battle of Ballyfermot was a bloodbath on both sides. The Earl of Surrey and the Baron of Montegue were among the English nobles who fell. On the Irish side, Kildale was hit by cannon fire while Ormond was crippled by his cousin George Boleyn. With their leaders either dead or captured, the Irish lords either surrendered or fled. King Henry made good on his promise, ordering his army to capture the remaining Irish cheiftians and force them to swear alliances to him.

In France, Prince Edward, the Duke of York was in quite a foul mood upon learning of his father's victory. He promised Eleanor that when he was king, he would make her brother, Duke of Ormond. He did nothing else to indicate that he was behind the rebellion, but many strongly suspected he had.

Meanwhile, his sister, Mary was dealing with problems of her own. Her husband, Charles, had chosen to side with the Ottoman Empire in the war against Emperor Charles, and King Louis. The former had petitioned the pope to give the French king an ultimatum, stop consorting with heathens or be excommunicated. Pope Paul was interested in starting a Holy League in hopes of squashing the Turkish threat once and for all so he complied. King Charles' reaction was to declare himself head of the French church essentially proclaiming himself Lutheran.

Queen Mary wrote to her mother that she did not know what to do. She was alone and surrounded by enemies. Even her husband who once adored her had now become a stranger to her. His ally the King of Navarre also on the Lutheran religion, marrying Anna of Cleves as his second wife. The tension between the kings was growing more hostile and threatened to boil over.

"At this rate we will tear ourselves apart," Prince John was said to have remarked.
One last hoorah for King Henry there.

He is going to need a good Lord Deputy for Ireland now to hold it down in his name.

The Duke of York and the nobles of France were behind it I wager.

King Charles breaking with Rome is going to cause much, much trouble.
One last hoorah for King Henry there.

He is going to need a good Lord Deputy for Ireland now to hold it down in his name.

The Duke of York and the nobles of France were behind it I wager.

King Charles breaking with Rome is going to cause much, much trouble.
King Henry might get one hoorah after that. Yes, he will need another Lord Deputy. Edward, for all his faults, can be charming if you get past his obnoxious attitude. It helps that King Charles was aware that he would be feuding with England sooner rather than later. So much trouble.
@Violet Rose Lily ! Great as always! John, you have no idea how right you are.
John continues to be the only one with sense. Thank you so much.
Interlude---Flashforward IV
"You are as beautiful as your mother."

"You look just like your father."

"You are your grandmother's miniature."

"For Heaven's sake, can they come up with anything original?" Rose groused in a low voice as she smiled so widely, her cheeks hurt. The sea of courtiers parted as the Princess of Wales made her way through the presence chamber. It was a celebration of her sixteenth birthday and her beloved grandfather insisted on throwing a large feast. Rose was wearing a green dress with gold embroidery. Her ears, throat and fingers were covered with sparkling jewels.

The Earl of Derby was her escort and the only one within earshot of her words. He chuckled and leaned in to whisper in her ear. "In their defense they are not wrong."

Rose ignored him as she surveyed her surroundings. Was it her imagination or were there more men than women in attendance tonight. Ah, they hope to find me a husband tonight, she realized. Yes, that made sense. At sixteen, she was old enough to be married let alone betrothed. And yet her kingly grandfather had yet to find spouses for her or her sister. Therefore the men of the court were pushing their sons in hopes of catching the young princesses' eyes.

Thankfully, twelve-year-old Elizabeth was being protected by their Uncle Charles who was glaring at the wolves who tried encircling her. He and Aunt Kitty would guard her like lions undoubtedly.

"Your Highness?" Thomas Stafford, second son of the new Duke of Buckingham materialized in front of them. The music played as men and women paired up to dance.

Rose inwardly sighed. Outwardly, she greeted him with a kind smile. He was her aunt Catherine's brother-in-law after all, made him practically family. "Yes?"

The second Stafford son was two years older than her. He flashed her a charming smile, taking her free hand in his so he could lay a kiss on the back of it. "I was hoping you would do me the honor of the first dance."

Beside her, Ned stiffened. Rose could tell even without looking that he was grinding his teeth in barely concealed anger at Stafford's boldness.

Rose fought back a smirk. "I would be honored, Lord Thomas. But I fear I have already promised the first dance to another."

Her would be suitor scowled, clearly unhappy at this. But he was far too smart to push her further. She had no doubt he would try again and again in hopes of winning her over.

They think I shall be won with pretty words and sparkling trinkets, Rose speculated, her lips twisting into a grimace. They are all after one thing: my crown.

"Did you mean it?" Ned jerked her arm so she was facing him. He looked sullen like he did when they were children and she would push him over. "Did you really promise your first dance to someone?"

Rose snatched her arm away, lifting her chin in defiance. She could see some of the courtiers pretending not to be in conversation when they were really listening to every word. She lowered her voice. "So what if I did?"

"I thought after..." he trailed off, glancing about, unwilling to speak of the incident weeks past. Not when there were so many unfamiliar ears who would be scandalized to hear that the Princess of Wales had a moment of weakness with the Earl of Devon.

Rose's blue orbs narrowed. She prayed that people would think her red cheeks were out of anger. "You thought, as all men do, that you could claim me. Well, let me tell you something, Edward Courtney. I do not belong to any man. Not now, not ever." Hadn't her poor aunt Juana learned that the hard way? No, she would not marry a Philip of Burgundy, no matter how fond of him she was.

She turned her back on him, ready to walk away from him. He grabbed her sleeve, halting her momentarily.

"Rose, wait, please," he implored. "Rose!"

The Princess of Wales tore her sleeve out of his grasp. "That is Princess Catherine to you, Your Grace." She ignored the pangs of guilt she felt as he flinched as if he slapped her. She swept away from him, striding purposely towards the dais where the twin thrones stood.

"Has the Earl of Devon done something to offend you, dearest?" Her grandfather asked in a malicious tone that promised retribution against the boy if she answered the affermative. The music had been too loud for most to overhear the conversation, but all had seen the pair's expression and heard him call out to her.

Rose decided that not even Ned deserved her grandfather's wrath. "He felt that Thomas Stafford was being presumptuous and wanted to take him to task for it. I did not want him causing a scene on my behalf."

Her grandmother raised an eyebrow but did not say a word. Her grandfather let out a loud laugh that soon turned into a series of hacking coughed. "He wanted to be a dashing knight and is now disappointed that you would not allow him. He'll get over it."

I hope he does, Rose thought, her heart clutching painfully. She hated arguing with him, but with the threat of her Uncle Edward looming over her, she could not afford to let herself by ruled by anyone, not even her own heart.

"Grandfather, I have a request," she informed him.

King Henry beamed at her. "You know I can refuse you nothing. Ask and it shall be yours."

"I wish to have my first dance with you."

Oh, how her grandfather's eyes lit up with delight. Even her grandmother, who looked so tired and pale these days, practically glowed with love. There was some melancholy in their expressions, but it was clear that they were touched by this.

"Of course, I will, my precious," King Henry declared. He turned towards his wife, patting her hand. "You don't mind, do you, darling?"

"How can I mind you dancing with our rose without thorns?" Queen Katherine laughed, her wrinkles smoothing just for a moment.

King Henry rose from his chair, stepping down the dais, outstretching his hand. Rose took it gladly, letting her grandfather led her to the dance floor.

She glanced around the room. Her Uncle Charles had seized Elizabeth's hand and brought her to the dance floor, letting her stand on her feet. Her Uncle John and Aunt Willow were watching with fond smiles. Her mother was staring at her with tears in her eyes. Only her Aunt Catherine, the Duchess of Buckingham seemed displeased, although she quickly smiled when she met Rose's eyes.

The Princess of Wales returned her gaze to her grandfather, not wanting to dwell on politics. After all, who knew how much time she would have with her grandparents. For tonight she would live in the moment. To be carefree for just a one night.
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Ah, learning to play the game there Rose.

Lovely moment.

I do hope Rose gets to pick her own husband.
Rose much like OTL Elizabeth had to grow up fast especially after her grandfather decided she would be Princess of Wales. We shall see if she can pick her own husband or if her grandfather already has an idea.
Hmm I do wonder if Henry plans on finding his grandaughter a foreign match and hopefully consults her on the matter...
Well King John of Portugal does have a brother or two who could work. And Emperor Charles and Archduke Ferdiand have second sons around Rose's age. We shall have to wait and see what happens.
Interlude---Flashforward V
"TRAITORS!" Charles, the Duke of Richmond, roared at the quivering man in front of him. "I will kill them all!" His fury increased when his youngest niece collapsed in sobs. His wife wrapped her up in her arms. The Marquess of Exeter and his son's countenances mirrored his outrage.

King Henry was dead. Norfolk and Buckingham had produced a will that declared Prince Edward, Duke of York his heir. They acted as co-regents as they waited for the return for the so-called King Edward from France. They called for all lords to swear fealty to the new king.

"What of the queen? What have they done to her?" Edward Courtenay interrogated, his hand on the pommel of his sword, ready to cut the messenger down.

Speaking of the poor wretched man, he was shaking as he spoke. Clearly he wished he was anywhere but in the lion's den. "The Princess Katherine---"

Charles slapped the man across the face. "QUEEN Katherine, you cur! My father, God rest his soul, and the English parliament declared my niece the next ruler of England. You will refer her to her rightful title. I care not that she is the prisoner of the faithless dogs to the usurper and his illborn ilk. She is the queen of England and I shall rip out your tongue if you do not give her the respect she deserves."

"Husband, enough!" Kitty thundered. Gone was the timid, naive girl he had fallen in love with. Instead stood a confident woman fed up with his grandstanding. He was smitten all over again. "Leave him be. He is a page, not Buckingham nor Norfolk. He has done nothing but deliver a message. Send him back to his masters unmolested."

Charles grumbled but nodded his head at the cowering man, dismissing him. The relief of Norfolk's errand boy was palpable as he scurried out of the room, ready to flee back to London.

Once he was gone, Charles turned to Exeter. "We shall raise the men to counter this travesty. Are you with me?"

Hal Courtenay's face crumbled with melancholy. "For Harry. He was my friend. I will not sully his memory by supporting his wretched brother who has spat on him at every turn."

"And I would die for Rose!" Edward declared passionately.

"Even if she does not choose you?" Elizabeth questioned, breaking away from Kitty's warm embrace. Her tone was cold and accusatory. "I know how you lust after her or perhaps it is merely the crown you seek."

The Earl of Devon met her gaze, unashamed. "I love her. I would love her if she was a mere scully maid. Even if she does not return my love, I shall fight for her until my dying breath."

"Sweet words," Kitty commented in the same cold voice. "I pray you will prove them true." Charles could almost hear her thoughts. He wished he had met that music teacher of hers so he could strangle him. Durham too if possible.

Exeter cleared his throat, changing the topic. "I suspect that the Earl of Sailsbury will also declare for Queen Katherine. His mother was her grandmother's favorite lady, not to mention governess to the Queen of France. The Duke of Somerset----"

"John will declare for his niece of course," Charles interrupted. "He has always put the duty to his family over everything. Unlike my wretched sister."

Kitty was glaring at him again, her hands on her hips. "I suspect that the Duke of Norfolk has the same thoughts about me. I am your wife, Charles, I must support you just like your sister must support her husband."

The duke opened his mouth to counter but he was saved from an argument when his steward, Thomas, appeared in the doorway. "Your Highness, Henry Dudley is without."

"Send him in." Charles was intrigued. He knew that John Dudley, the Viscount of Lisle was the Lord Admiral of the privy council. He suspected that Lisle would choose the side most beneficial to him.

"Your Highness." Henry Dudley bowed low as he entered. "My father wanted me to warn you. The Duke of Somerset and the Earl of Northumberland have written to Norfolk and Buckingham, declaring their support for the usurper in France. They ride with their army to London to protect his claim."

Charles went rigid. Exeter and his son exchanged shocked looks. Kitty's face scrunched up in confusion and she muttered something about Anne. Fresh tears flowed down Elizabeth's face.

"Uncle John betrayed us." Elizabeth's shattered voice broke the duke out of his stupor. She was so wise and mature beyond her years, it was easy to forget she was still a child. With her father dying shortly after her birth, she looked to her uncles as father figures. To learn one of them had betrayed her with a devastating blow.

The Duke of Richmond's face turned a dark shade of red. "I will kill them both. Edward and John do not deserve to be called my brothers. I shall spill their traitorous blood myself." He would led his own army, crush the traitors before they could put a crown on the Duke of York's unworthy head. "We shall fight for Queen Katherine, first of her name!"

"Queen Katherine!" the Courtenays, Dudley, and Elizabeth echoed.

Kitty was smiling, understanding twinkling in her eyes. "God save the queen!"
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