Inspired by Hendryk's Superpower Empire China.

The premise of it is about what if Imperial China survives into modern-day Post-1900s, whether be it survival of the Qing Dynasty today or replaced by Han Chinese dynasty at one point how looked like and fares in times of modernity?

How it'll effect on the world with the existence of Imperial China around, instead of being an OTL Republican China? Will it avoid such calamities like the Warlord Periods and Chinese Civil War?

TV tropes links is here.
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I don't know how China could continue to exist as an empire well into modern times, (absolute) monarchism was becoming very unpopular and getting overthrown all over the Old World.

Assuming that China doesn't go full-blown republican, I think it might be possible that China could retain a vestigial constitutional monarchy where the Emperor no longer wields any real political power, much like with Japan in the present day.
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Well, I thought it's much easier for people to read it than actual thing. Thought crossed my mind. At the same time they can linked to the timeline itself.

Tv Tropes is a cliff-note taking site. Its like eating sacks instead of a meal. You get the highlights but the genuinely curious people will want the link to the actual timeline that is hosted here. If a timeline is hosted to this site, just link to this site, not to secondhand websites linking back to this site. It's redundant.

I'll give the link I guess.
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