WI: a diferent Pedro II of Brazil

What about these events as a POD:
  1. Maria II of Portugal is born a son (João, perhaps?), and Miguel is born as Maria instead
  2. Pedro II of Brasil is born as OTL
  3. Once João and Pedro II are teens, Pedro I splits the inheritance: João becomes Prince of Portugal and Pedro II is heir of Brasil from the get go
IDK if this would be enough to avoid the clusterfuck of OTL, but I HAD to speak out as a Brazilian

Tagging @Aluma and @Taunay for some more input.
I don't like multiple PODs. Maria being born a male gives you a different Emperor. Explore that.

Miguel (I'm presuming you mean Pedro I's brother) being a female completely changes the situation in Portugal. He's a key figure in creating the situation, including being a catalyst for Joao regaining power after being neutered and forced to return, and, of course the civil war revolves around him. Not saying Miguel was involved in Joao's poisoning, but the assassination may have been done with Miguel sitting the throne in mind (I've long wondered if Carlotta was involved). Miguel as a female may butterfly Joao's death, which prolongs stability in Portugal.

Joao's succession should have been settled with the independence treaty. I know Joao was hoping the empire could get rejoined, but that's not realistic. Pedro I pushing his child on to the Portuguese Crown after breaking free is what allowed the civil war. The conservative/liberal struggle for power will still be there, but it may not break into war, and Brazil won't be involved. If Miguel is a female, she probably isn't in exile (since a female likely doesn't attempt a coup) when Joao dies. I don't know the line of succession, whether Aunt or Niece is first in line, but Aunt would be in Portugal ready to take over. IF female Miguel is first in line, it's an open and shut case.
I agree with these PODs.
But I have something to add, if you want a Pedro II that's different from OTL, you also need to change who tutors him ITTL.
IOTL his first tutor was the Patriarch of Brazilian Independence José Bonifácio de Andrada, who held quite liberal views that may have influenced Pedro II (despite the fact that he didn't tutor Pedro for so long as he was removed from this position by the Regency). Following that Manuel Inácio de Andrade was chosen as Pedro II's tutor, which very deeply influenced the future Emperor's views on democracy and his own role as Emperor. Inácio was a moderate and Bonifácio a liberal.
If you want a conservative Pedro II, the obvious choice is to have him be tutored by conservatives only. Bernardo Pereira de Vasconcelos, one of the leading conservative thinkers of the period, seems like a great choice.
Also if you want to make Pedro II less depressive in general, avoiding the death of his older sister Princess Paula guarantees that he won't be as lonely as he was in his childhood IOTL, which would greatly impact how he perceives himself and his country.
Bernardo Pereira de Vasconcelos was a liberal in the first half of the 1830s, though('Fui liberal...", as he himself said). The problem would be choosing someone who would already be a conservative back in 1831, while not being someone who wanted to bring Pedro I back. Perhaps the Duke of Caxias' father(forgot his name, now - Francisco de Lima e Silva?)?
Bernardo Pereira de Vasconcelos was a liberal in the first half of the 1830s, though
Had no idea of that, interesting
The problem would be choosing someone who would already be a conservative back in 1831, while not being someone who wanted to bring Pedro I back.
Perhaps the Marquis of Paraná, Honório Hermeto Carneiro Leão. He was a Moderate but by 1832, he had gradually turned to the right
So Fem!Miguel (Maria ITTL), should be Pedro I's eldest kid for this to work?
Pedro's eldest is already OTL Maria. That eliminates a POD.

The Miguel is Joao/Carlotta's younger surviving son. Rumored to be not sired by Joao. This is a key character whose gender being flipped will have massive butterflies for Portugal. I don't know who would be first in line for Joao's succession: Joao's daughter, or Pedro I's eldest daughter, if Pedro only has one male heir. A spare male heir automatically jumps to the head of the line. OTL Miguel was excluded after failing a coup attempt. Joao seized the conservative movement from him in a move that returned Joao to actual power. He married his 3 year old niece (Maria II) in a compromise for power, but quickly reneged on all that and declared himself king in his own right. The proposal to change Miguel's gender carries a lot more immediate tidal waves than the mindset of Pedro II. I guess female Miguel could be a machiavellian usurper and achieve the same effect as OTL, but then that makes the POD unnecessary.
Don't need to change anyone's sex, you just need to make sure that Pedro I's oldest children survive childhood and reach adulthood. Maria Leopoldina had a stillbirth due to a hasty trip due to a rebellious officer. Another example was a baby who died after traveling on a hot day and was not well looked after by the maid.
The two would be a blank book to create the conservative personality that the author desires, meanwhile Pedro II will be free to govern in Portugal and there he would certainly be created to be less liberal than he was. A reformist and non-republican Pedro II could make a difference in Portugal and modernize it enough to transform it into a power in Iberia.
Meanwhile, brother Bragança on the Brazilian throne must have the political skill to balance the conservatives and liberals, have the desire to continue the monarchy and be more aggressive in achieving his objectives (read conquering part of the river de la plata basin, abolishing slavery and industrialize the country as soon as possible).