WI 1945 UK election delayed till the fall?

Hardly any British politician wanted an immediate general election after the defeat of Germany. Churchill wanted to continue the all-party coalition war government until the defeat of Japan; while hardly anyone wanted such a blank check, Attlee and many other politicians argued to wait the election till October or so (which would have ended up being the same thing, though no one except Churchill even knew about the atomic bomb.) In OTL, Churchill ended up calling a snap election in July on the advice of Conservative Party leadership who wanted to take advantage of people's support for Churchill's wartime leadership.

Of course, they lost overwhelmingly.

What if Churchill or Attlee got his way and the election was delayed several months till the autumn? Labour would almost certainly still win a majority, but would this delay have any effects on the international situation (with Churchill remaining at the helm during the Potsdam conference among other things) or the Labour party program after they gained power?
I don't see how anything substantial changes as a result. The Pacific War still ends on schedule. Churchill still runs a terrible campaign and loses in a landslide. Labour still rebuilds Britain and grants independence to major colonies. Churchill still makes a comeback in 1951.