Why did Portugal fall from being a major power and how could've this been prevented?

Either way, Im done with this subject
whatever happened to this?
anglophile rant
it's only my 4th language actually. But thanks, I'm glad to hear that I'm convincing even while consistently talking about England in the 3rd person.

My point wasnt about the age of colonialism at all, but that as a nation England-Britain started off far worse off than Portugal and required much more luck to succeed
Yeah, I addressed that already actually but you keep avoiding valid counterarguments like the plague. How about addressing that instead of ranting about someone saying you sound like a nationalist? Or just be done with it, even when I don't quote you you keep coming back lol.
But that was NOT predestined, not by geography, not by demographics, no matter how much people like those narratives to sell the idea of some kind of british exceptionalism
3rd time repeating myself clarifying that I didn't say that, but keep getting mad about the imagined British exceptionalism.
Was Portugal ever a major power? All of its colonial exploits never seems to have translated to a strengthening of its home territory. It remained a state that couldn’t effectively project power, but rather was on the defense against stronger neighbors. That is en Europe at least, it was obviously much stronger on the world seas, until countries like the Netherlands could begin to challenge it.
I’d say 16th century portugal definitely had enough power projection and influence (more or less directly, not necessarily by the crown but also by local clergymen, govenors and traders and mestizos) across coastal Africa and coastal Asia to classify as a Major power of the time.
The Mamluk-Portuguese and then The Ottoman-Portuguese wars are often considered as the First World War for a reason.