Where would I put this diatribe?

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    Nov 8, 2007
    I am writing an argument--no, a diatribe--against "never mind how event X happens, let's just say that it does happen. What then?" (And, yes, I know that I have used that formulation myself a couple of times.) My basic point is that how an event happens almost invariably affects the consequences of its happening--I will give examples from both pre- and post-1900.

    I'm getting so annoyed with that formulation that I really want to write a general attack on it, but don't know where to put it. It's not a specific what-if, it's not about current politics (Chat), it's not an original story, etc.
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    Nonpolitical Chat or the Writers' Forum would be my choices here.
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    Nonpolitical chat would seem to be the logical place.

    As I don't check chat very often may I please ask wherever you decide to post it you include a link here as I look forward to reading it as just your description has me battling conflicting opinions.

    On the one hand how something happens is certainly important, on the other it can be frustrating to see a W.I question largely unexplored as the arguments over the how endlessly rage.

    You have wetted my appetite and I keenly await your post.

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    NP Chat.