What would be the Socio-economic and Geopolitical Consequences of a French HRE and a Royal Germany?

Having Vikings raid down the Rhine would be fairly likely, IMO. Especially if Cologne is a major city.

In which case, having a Normandy analogue in the Zeeland-Brabant-South Holland area might be plausible. Maybe they get installed first as counts of Breda, then later as Dukes of Brabant?
I think it unlikely they'd be called Dukes of Brabant even if it forms part of this Zeelandic Normandy. The title is essentially the merging of Landgrave of Brabant with Duke of Lothier/Nether-Lorraine.
they might become Dukes of Lower Lotharingia if we're gonna give them a Dukal title. If that happens I can see either continuous conflict with the Counts of Flanders or one absorbs the other
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What about Louis IV d'Outremer never reaching the continental coast ?
Hugh the Great elected King could parallel Otto's Empire while the latter with his OTL transition from loose decentralisation to a more rigorous feudal monarchy would put the basis for a cohesive Kingdom of East Francia.