What would be the public reaction if Operation Unthinkable is actually attempted?

This is extremely implausible, but I guess it's technically not impossible.

So how would the general public of the United Kingdom and United States react if Operation Unthinkable is somehow actually carried out, with the Soviets not being the aggressors and doing nothing to provoke an all out war with the Wallies? Would people just be okay with stabbing "Uncle Joe" in the back?

For that matter how are the French and Italians going to react to this?
There would be literally mutinies within the US and UK armies to the point where both armies would most likely just completely disobey the orders. The American public would be in outrage since thst were already fatigued from war and demand a removal of Truman immediately. This would then fully justify Stalin’s paranoia of the capitalist powers plotting against him and any country that could be happy to be “liberated” by the western powers would be so sick of being caught in yet another war that they wouldn’t even welcome it. Not to mention the western allies would look like huge d**** to attack a country that just lost 30,000,000 people in a war of annihilation who we basically gave an open checkbook to in exchange for them paying the butchers bill to topple the third reich so we didn’t have to. Then you have Japan going like “ummm wtf mate?”
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