What would a TL 191 version of The New Order: The Last Days of Europe look like?

The big question now is what would the other countries of Europe be?

Not sure but I think at least 1-2 of these countries should have some sort of radical movement(probably not France wrt far right through), or popular Socialist or Lincolnite movements(particuarly those close to Russia, and the socialists, Lincolnites and even some far right movements could use threat of Russian encroachment to gain influence)

So ideologies for TL-191 TNO would be:

-Lincolnist(TTL's Leninists)
-Social Democrat
-Liberal Democrat
-Conservative Democrat
-Authoritarian Democrat
-National Corporatism(vanilla fascism, in this case would be Silver Shirts under Mosley, Chesterson and Beckett)
-Ethnic Supramacism(Freedomism/Nazism, Joyce-led Britain, DNVP-R, as well as Larouche's brand of "Lincolnism" and imitators that may not be pro CSA like Crommelin)
-Legionism(TTL Burgsys practiced by Gerald K. Smith and Freedom Party Guard diehards)
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I think it would help if the TL-191 TNO had elements of Fatherland, since we kinda need an OFN equvilent. This could be achieved by having Germany defeat France and stalemate Britain, but CSA wins in the South and a superbomb is used to force Germany to the peace table before it could attack Russia. So we'd have CSA vs. Russia vs. Mittleuropa cold war.

Also the linked maps are a bit out of date, so use this instead:


[Parallels under construction]

I like the Yucatán a lot better as the Burgundy analogue; maybe expand it a bit further south? William Walker did conquer Nicaragua after all......

Considering this teaser I think a POD for why Germany lost is that Von Papen won the post-Ludendorff power struggle and Germany took whatever focuses to weaken the SPD, but his failure to develop Superbomb in time, failure to knock out Britain and France, and the constant growth of the SPD essentially doomed his position, leading to the convergence of German parties into the national coalition and the birth of the Querfront by the Luxembourgist and Pieckist wings of the SPD and the DNVP.
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