Well when the Great War begins and drags on, I can only wonder in fear of when the *Spanish Flu!* arrives and wreaks havoc on the globe. Perhaps this flu is what propels Midas Goldstein into popularity by discovering a cure for it. Maybe in a twisted sense, this flu was unleashed by the R.U. in a desperate bid to gain a victory over its enemies only for it get out of control.
Why that? Why not just have the guy be a manipulative bastard with a massive ego?

Otherwise he's too much like Custer (raving bigot with genuine courage and skill).
I mean, Heydrich did have genuine courage and skill. He absolutely crushed the Czechoslovak resistance and would have done the same to France. He also didn't exactly cower behind his car when the assassins came. The difference between him and Custer is always going to be that Custer believes his own shit and Heydrich didn't.


Gone Fishin'
I mean, Heydrich did have genuine courage and skill. He absolutely crushed the Czechoslovak resistance and would have done the same to France. He also didn't exactly cower behind his car when the assassins came. The difference between him and Custer is always going to be that Custer believes his own shit and Heydrich didn't.
Courage, possibly. Skill, yes, mostly at backstabbing though he had decent COIN ability despite his over-reliance on extreme brutality and terror tactics.

I have maintained for a while that the reason Heydrich survived so long after sustaining mortal injuries was pure seething spite for the guy who nailed him.

But yeah, if I were Napo (which I'm not, lol), I'd have Oswald be the crazy one who pretends to be a Better so long he goes native and starts to believe his own bullshit, while "Hendrick" is just pure fucking vile and conniving his way into power. He could set off TTL's version of Johnson's coup attempt during *WW2, so that he can "heroically" swoop in to clear out the problem for Papa Joe and Comrade-Patriot Oswald, thereby ingratiating himself to the dictatorship while eliminating a rival in one move. Spouts all the right nonsense, has the appropriate "Teutonic" appearance, attends the cult rallies and the Party gatherings and the parades, and spends every single second wearing a neutral mask to hide the contempt he feels for everything around him and the way he sees the Union's population as a bunch of cattle he's leading to the slaughter.

Oh my God..... This is the most Madness video to ever exist. Prove me wrong.

My. Sweet. Lord. It's beautiful.




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The cigar-chomping "Bear of England," Winston Randolph Lincoln Churchill, was born on November 30th, 1874, in Woodstock, the Commonwealth of England, to John Spencer-Churchill, a descendant of famed Duke of Marlborough, and Jennie Jerome. In his heart, John was a monarchist, but he never dared voice that unpopular opinion before the public eye. Winston's mother Jennie, however, was from a wealthy family in New York and was a staunch fascist and Manifest Destiny Party supporter. She was actually the hostess of the 1870 Republican Union Military Ball in New York City. Shortly thereafter, she met John while visiting a local restaurant when he was in New York on business. They struck up a correspondence and the unlikely couple was married in an AFC chapel in Oregon, where they spent their honeymoon.

From the start, the parents heavily disagreed on how to raise Winston, but the haughty personality of his mother usually meant she got her way, including with his second middle name. While John wanted to return to his English estate, Jennie wanted to move to Philadelphia and prepare Winston to serve in the Philadelphia Military Academy. Finally, in 1884 after only a few years of marriage, the couple went their separate ways. Winston was ten at the time and very heartbroken by his parents' split. According to his parent's lawyers, until he was 14 his mother would have custody of him. After that, until he would become a man at 17, he would live with his father in England. Then he would choose whether to go to Oxford University or the Philadelphia Military Academy.

He chose Philadelphia, because Jennie always had her way. Winston was originally a quiet lad upon his arrival at PMI in 1891, making few friends and devoting himself to studying Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and especially Cromwell and his partial-namesake, Lincoln. To him, these men were all proof for the Strong Man Theory and the existence of Pinnacle Blood. Surely, the world would be a savage cesspit filled with anarchy and poverty if it wasn't for a strong leader picking up the reigns of power and telling people how things were supposed to run, just like his mother would do to his weakling father. Winston made his first friend, Calvin Coolidge, two years his senior, some three months into his attendance at PMI. Coolidge was considered the most popular man on campus and loved to attend balls and parties, but he also shared a deep love of the outdoors and history with young Winnie, as he called his younger pal. The two became inseparable, swapping books and staying up till late in the morning studying the campaigns of the Great American War.


An 18 year-old Winston in PMI parade dress

Winston's life would forever change when, while attending one of Cal's parties, he met a gorgeous blonde by the name of Loretta Hendrick. Loretta was was a lily-white Anglo-Saxon beauty, and she thought Winston's English accent was adorable. At just 18, Winston and Loretta were married. The couple moved into together in an on-campus house which he bought with some of his father's money. Loretta was the light of his life, and the two were very happy together. However, her father, Horatio Hendrick, was a stern man and a high-ranking Manifest Destiny Party official, being its under-secretary of internal affairs. Hendrick, the pompous fellow, would love to talk for long hours about how he was fourteenth in-line for the Presidency. Winston wrote to his mother about Under-Secretary Hendrick, complaining, "I swear the self-aggrandizement this man constantly spouts is insufferable. He could be telling you a story of how he visited the market and he would tell you he bumped into Custer."

The entire Hendrick family which Winston had married into, as well as Jennie, was quite pleased with Winston's choice to join the Manifest Destiny Party in 1893. By this point, Winston was majoring in political science and wanted to eventually transfer to Benedict Arnold University of Boston to get his doctorate (Calvin Coolidge also planned on the move). These plans would be cut short, however, upon the death of his father in 1894. Returning home to England, he was saddened by the growing disarray in the Commonwealth. The wealthy had created too many parties and the economy was stagnating.

Winston was particularly upset with the decline in "moral values and Christianity upon which Chancellor Brown had founded the country upon in 1843," following Victoria's abdication.

"There is no order here anymore. I left my father's care only a few short years ago, and already I feel as if the country has grown even more morally bereft and aimless. It is an English lion, but it is adrift in a veritable sea of corruption. Lacking not just a captain, the ship of state lacks a helm altogether. To see my father's homeland, the motherland of the Anglo-Saxon race, fall to such disrepair breaks my heart in words too sorrowful and full of mourning to put to paper. My dearest Loretta, it is well that you stayed in America for the duration of the handling of my father's estate, for it is best you not see the ruination of my ancestral home. I can only hope and pray to Jehovah that one day, some day soon, a titan of righteousness, an Anglo-Saxon champion, shall rise to power here and restore this land to greatness. Just as Manifest Destiny shall heal America's wounds and sorrows, I pray for England's manifest destiny, when the English and Scottish Christian people, strong people of Pinnacle Blood, shall unite and drive the blight of Bonapartist popery, anarchy, and Irishness from the British Isles. Every day that Fort Scotia is occupied by Imperialist fops, every minute that Welsh leaders misguide their people, and every second that these mighty isles remain divided and tainted burns my innermost soul."

Winston R. L. Churchill, in a letter to Loretta Churchill dated October 10, 1894​

In the end, Churchill decided to his sell his father's old estate in Woodstock and permanently live in the Republican Union, disgusted by the place England had become. However, he would not forget the pain he felt seeing England in disrepair. Indeed, when he returned back to PMI in April of 1895, Calvin helped him found the Society for Reclamation of the Anglo-Saxon Homeland (SRASH). Beginning as a mere club of five members with small meetings held in a coffee shop on campus at PMI, Winnie and Cal opened up a second chapter at Benedict Arnold of Boston almost immediately upon their transfer to their new school. Loretta became the secretary of the Society, and she urged her father to promote the club within the MDP. Suddenly, dozens of students began turning out for SRASH meetings, some wearing full kilts and sporting buttons on suit lapels which read "ANGLO-SAXON PRIDE." Before he knew it, Winston was at the forefront of a veritable movement, and his interests drifted less and less from his studies and more and more to how he could make SRASH even bigger. Many young men who would go onto great things were a part of SRASH, such as Clark W. Kenwood, later founder of Kenwood Motors, and Benjamin Franklin Wright, later Postmaster of the Union. The Society became not just a place for people to express pride in their English and Scottish heritage, but a place for people to discuss how to make England great again.

Then it all came crashing down in 1896. Loretta was tragically killed in a fire at SRASH headquarters, likely sparked by a discarded cigarette. "It was as though the light had gone out of my life," Churchill would later write. Winnie became a drunk and an addict to morphine. Three months later he officially dropped out of school. Cal Coolidge didn't know how to help his friend cope with the loss of his wife, and was left to busy himself constantly watching for signs of suicide. Jennie Churchill came to see him and was horrified by how unkempt and what an emotional wreck her son had become. "He hugged me as he did as a little boy, sobbing uncontrollably, unable to cope with the cruel fate he was handed," she would write of the visit. Finally, Coolidge, having finally achieved his doctorate, proposed that they both join the military, as the war for Holy Nippon was well into its opening gambits by that point. Having nothing to lose and secretly wishing for death in combat, Churchill agreed. With such high levels of education, both men were offered NCO positions by the Army and Marines. They chose the Marines, with Churchill as a corporal and Coolidge as a sergeant.

The "adventure" that followed was largely anything but. They spent their first six months training in Metropolis and saw absolutely zero action aside from shooting straw dummies with grinders. They were excited to ship out to the Pacific Islands, envisioning themselves slaughtering heathen cannibals of the South Seas. Instead, they found themselves participating in the Invasion of the Marquesas (Washington) Islands. With such a Spanish name, they pictured an old European colony, filled with treasures and Papists. Instead, they found a small cluster of islands with a population of about 2000 naked people. When the two young patriots complained about their duties, they were told by the Marine general, Curtis Richardson,"The seizure of the Marquesas-rightfully Washington-Island Chain is a necessary and vital task to achieve complete domination and success in our war against the Imperialist Japanese spirit-worshipers." For the next almost two years of existence, the young men spent their lives bored out of their minds.


Winston Churchill in a tropical uniform


Union Marines parade through Markesaw City, Washington Islands, 1895

That boredom was somewhat alleviated when the R.U.S. Pride of the Buckeyes, carrying Sky Marshal Warren G. Harding, docked at their base on its way back to the Union. It was then that Churchill met Harding. According to Winnie, the Sky Marshal was pacing the aeroship dockyard and talking to the men when he noticed Winnie smoking a cigar. Fond of the habit, Harding asked him, "Marine, I haven't a decent stogie since Tokyo. What brand do you smoke?"

"All hail, sir! Why I smoke Shiloh Brand Union's Finest, sir. I have a spare, would you like one? My mother sends them to me, sir," said Winston, somewhat star-struck by the high-ranking official.

Harding was wearing a massive leather coat with lambswool lining and a pair of goggles were perched atop his perfectly combed pompadour. Harding twirled the end of his handlebar mustache before holding out his hand and accepting the offer. As the two men puffed away, Harding told Churchill, "You know, son. You have a damn fine mother to send you Shilohs. The human baboons that work with me on the Pride smoke the cheapest damn cigarettes I have ever done seen, lad."

Churchill nodded, bowed his head slightly, and replied, "Thank you, sir! Yes, my mother loves me dearly."

Harding took a long drag and barked some orders at panic-stricken orderlies before asking, "Who is your mother, son? You don't seem like the typical mook out here. English accent too. Proper Anglo-Saxon blood, my good man."

"Her name is Jennie Jerome, sir. My name is Winston Churchill."

With a look of happy surprise, Harding asked, "Jerome?! I'll be an Irishman's uncle! I used to always talk to her at those bedeviled military dances. Wonderful lady. Wait! Say, you're married into the Hendricks, right? 'His royal highness' the Under-Secretary of Party Affairs used to talk about how his daughter married some damn-fool Englishman's boy. Talked about how his son-in-law wanted to reclaim England for true Anglo-Saxons or some such."

Winston looked down at the ground, saddened by the thought of his late wife again. "Yes and no sir, my wife Loretta died in a fire. It burnt down my Anglo-Saxon Society's headquarters as well. Then my friend Calvin got me to join the Marines for an adventure."

Harding reached over and patted his shoulder with his gloved hand and said, "I'm sorry, son. That's not fair. But let me tell you, never give up on your dreams. I grew up in the shadow of the Great American War, hearing all sorts of wonderful stories from my uncle about wading through a sea of Inferior blood and freeing the Negroes, but I thought I had missed out on all the glory. Then I entered a political career. But look at me now! I literally fly through the air and drop bombs on yellow savages from fifteen thousand feet and manage the entirety of the Union war effort. Dreams come true, my boy! Don't give up. The Union was built on a dream, a dream of a pure society untouched by the savage mongoloid hordes. If you believe jolly old England can be made to follow our example, then make it happen, marine!"

Winston perked up greatly, saluting and clicking his boot heels together. "Sir, yessir!"

This was another turning point in Winston's life. His contractual time with the Marines ended after no further excitement in 1902. Coolidge decided to remain and had already risen to the rank of second legate. Winnie, now 28, was the owner of a vast fortune now that his mother's accountants had invested the family money wisely while he was in the military. His mother suggested he return to England to see if he could help reform the government. Ramsay MacDonald was in the midst of his campaign to turn Scotland fascist and Jennie adored the Scotsman. Once back in the land of his father, Winnie bought a small estate in eastern London and began to feel out the political waters. He saw the English National Patriotic Front as a potential inroad, currently under the weak leadership of David Henry Smith. For a short while, he was a card-carrying member of the ENPF, but also disliked their moderate approach to some issues out of fear of triggering a war with Europa.

"A true strong man, a true man of Pinnacle Blood, that precious bodily fluid which flows through the veins of the Chosen, does not tip-toe around issues of import. He does not waver in the face of unfavorable odds. He seizes the day and fights, and fights, and fights. He fights for Jehovah and homeland. Director Smith does not fight and fight. He slaps and then hides in the bushes, hoping the bigger child on the playground doesn't pull his drawers up behind his head. The 20th Century will be a century of the Pinnacle Man! Not a century of mild-mannered schoolboys having afternoon tea as the world burns around them. Seeing this sort of cowardice, I can no longer remain a member of the English National Patriotic Front."

- Winston Churchill's resignation notice as junior secretary of the ENPF, 1902​

Churchill's frustration with politics would be soothed by the victory of Ramsay MacDonald in the Scottish presidential elections that same year. Churchill would actually be present in the crowd at Scottish Nationalist Party headquarters during the election night celebrations, where he would have a long conversation with MacDonald about securing SNP funding for an English Nationalist Party. This would go perfectly for the young Winston, and before long he had millions of pounds flooding into his new political party. The young man's charismatic speeches and emotional gravitas made him wildly popular, and his plans for economic and military reform made sense to a lot of people fed up with the do-nothing government in London. Little did they realize however, that he was also securing funding directly from his father-in-law in the Union. As Under-Secretary of MDP Affairs, Hendrick was secretly funneling money across the Atlantic and the SNP would launder it and then deposit it into the ENP bank account. Churchill didn't even realize it, but he had been long-groomed for what he was now doing by MDP officials and his own mother. He was literally a Union agent and he had no idea he was not master of his own destiny.


Portrait of Winston Churchill as Director of the English Nationalist Party, circa 1908

Though it would be an uphill battle against the throngs of other right- and left- wing parties in England, Churchill was determined to rise to power and be the Strong Man he now realized he was destined to be. Upon the outbreak of the Great World War in 1911 and the economic turmoil that ensued, Churchill would begin making moves to finally overthrow the government and restore the English Lion to its rightful place....
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Cue the entirety of Britain literally being annexed to Ireland as everyone slaughtered each other and there's literally nobody to actually rule the land. RU implodes out of buttmad
@Worffan101 , you also forgotten to address this SPECIFIC answer (Should have ignored my closing remarks at the bottom), since while you may have said that Hendrich should simply be "born that way because well, fate", you did not address the core substance of the argument, which is this one, down below. We are NOT giving Hendrick a backstory to make him seem "less bad" or "justify" what he did. We are fleshing out his origin to make him believable and not some magical self insert just for the lulz or because we need a "complete jackass". Here goes:
"This used to bother me a lot. I went through some pretty serious shit growing up, and am (I like to think) much less of an ass than most people with far less reason to be. And I always thought the "product of their environment" explanation was sort of enabling.

It took me a looooong time to realize this:

There is a vast difference between an explanation and an excuse.

I think that gets skipped over a lot. People use the terms almost interchangeably, and they aren't interchangeable.

An explanation is a reason why something keeps happening. "I overeat because I learned to eat to cope with depression."

An excuse is a reason why something must continue to happen. "Because I learned to overeat as a coping technique, I can NOT stop overeating."

Excuses are usually false. People are infinitely adaptable, and there's usually a way around any problem.

But the fact that the excuse is bullshit doesn't make the explanation less accurate.

You don't have to feel sorry for the villain or the criminal. There's no excuse for their behavior. People make their own choices.

But that doesn't mean there isn't a reason. There's always a reason. Every effect has a cause.

It's not about making the villains "sympathetic", even though we use that word... it's about making them believable. It's about ... well, what happened just here and now. You associated these abused story-villains with real criminals with similar histories because it does happen.

And while that's awful in real life, it's beneficial in a good story. Because while stories don't have to imitate all aspects of the real world, your reader should still be able to relate to the world you've created. And if things happen randomly, without explanation, they won't."
Well, it's interesting to see the Greeks take the place of the Balkans for "most chaotic place in Europe." Still, seeing how violent that relatively minor civil war was worries me on how violent the big one would be.

Ramsay MacDonald kicking ass over his poor brother's death is absolutely epic, and I do hope that we get to see him in future updates.

Congrats to @Murica1776 for getting your own fanfic (partially) become canon in the WMiT redux! I do hope we get to see other contributions of the WMiT Expanded Universe get the spotlight.

Great to see Cali preparing against the RU. Hopefully, it's enough to at least prevent an immediate conquest.

Ah, good ol' Winnie! I expect we'll see a "Special Relationship" between the RU and the Anglo-Saxons similar to OTL, with the English basically puppets of the RU.
Well, it's interesting to see the Greeks take the place of the Balkans for "most chaotic place in Europe." Still, seeing how violent that relatively minor civil war was worries me on how violent the big one would be.

Ramsay MacDonald kicking ass over his poor brother's death is absolutely epic, and I do hope that we get to see him in future updates.

Congrats to @Murica1776 for getting your own fanfic (partially) become canon in the WMiT redux! I do hope we get to see other contributions of the WMiT Expanded Universe get the spotlight.

Great to see Cali preparing against the RU. Hopefully, it's enough to at least prevent an immediate conquest.

Ah, good ol' Winnie! I expect we'll see a "Special Relationship" between the RU and the Anglo-Saxons similar to OTL, with the English basically puppets of the RU.
Ooh, Ramsay won't like that. Also it would be interesting who would win in a Churchill vs MacDonald and how the war would affect there relationship.

Of course at the moment there still friends which given that Scotland is ran by Ramsay, I certainly see some Scottish volunteers lead by possible Douglas "The Butcher" Haig helping the "liberation" of England.

(Also if your talking about the Ramsay MacDonald fanfic idea being te inspiration for the Ramsay MacDonald chapter, please note I did that not @Murica1776, although his stuff is great anyway).
Also quick thought, I can see Hong Kong and Kowloon starting to develop as a port city and becoming like 1930s Shanghi in the early 1900s with the Europeans having more or less control of the area segregating themselves from the Chinese there.

Depending how the War goes I could see Hong Kong becoming either a Europan colony as a base for operations in China or a NordReich affiliated colony controlled by the Dutch for there own operations in China. Actually a Dutch/NordReich Hong Kong and a Portuguese/Europan Macau would be hilarious.